New Music + Niteshine!

Jersey’s own NiteShine has done it again! With the release of his newest body of work, entitled ’13’, on Thanksgiving, NiteShine has provided a nice holiday treat to vibe to. This project serves as NiteShine’s second solo piece of work; six crazy tracks appealing to all ears and audiences. NiteShine gives us a taste of his world and his experiences through each song, beginning with his latest single released in September, ‘No ID’ feat. Poe Hussle. From start to finish, we get a glimpse of everyday in the life. You can also find the newest addition to his anthems for the streets, ‘Ratchet On Me’ & ‘Foreign’. The visual for ‘Foreign’, shot & directed by Dolo Filmz, was also released on Thanksgiving, alongside the project and can be found on YouTube! Ending the project is the banger, ‘Supplier’, featuring two of Jersey’s top artists, Tsu Surf & Foe Hun’ed. You can find ’13’ on NiteShine’s SoundCloud. Search ‘NiteShine’ on SoundCloud as well as on YouTube! NiteShine plans to keep giving the world the real, his real!

You can keep updated with all of NiteShine’s material, appearances, performances and work on social media:
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Creative Control + Fleewade!

In the most recent interview of Creative Control, I sat down with rap artist Fleewade and reminisced a bit on old school rap and what it meant to the culture. He shared his style and why he feels the game needs him in it. We definitely had a lot to chat about, check it out.


Spotlight On: Willy Gonza!

Willy Gonza is a Jersey Native from the North Bergen area, with a genuine and supportive fan base in Hudson County New Jersey. Willy Gonza is 23 years old, and started making music in 2010 respectively for self entertainment. Willy says he’s always wanted to rap and began writing one day; he felt good and confident in himself, so he continued his musical voyage.

Willy began his career path as a  musician in 2014, when he began elevating his intensity for music, and creating quite a buzz for himself in the Northern Jersey area.

In 2012 Willy Gonza dropped his first project titled, “Dreams Over Everything”. The feedback he recieved kept him interested in creating more music, while also being motivated by sideliners speaking hatred and doubting his vocal talent.

Willy Gonza has a versatile sound with comparisons to Pete Nice and Post Malone. He makes what he likes to call a positive sound or feel good music, with melodies most relatable to Boom Bap mixed with trap music. “Bad Mannered” is what Willy hopes to be his future record label, where he plans to sign his friends and people he started with, before going on to sign other upcoming artists. Willy will often shout out “Bad Mannered” in his music, similar to Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang”. With 4 projects in total, and his latest mixtape dropping in 2015 titled, “Humble Beginnings”, Willy Gonza is waiting to increase his buzz before he drops anymore.

His Newest song Titled, “Mrs. Popular”, expresses Willy’s strong dislike of superficial and close minded women. He sends the message that he’d rather build with someone whose been with him while he’s on the come up, rather than being with someone who only wants him for his cash or won’t give him a chance due to his lack of cash. The song “Mrs. Popular” was released September 19th, currently with 2,000 plays on soundcloud, apple, spotify, and tidal.

For more from Willy follow him on his Instagram and Twitter @Willy_Gonza.



Shetrepreneurs: Krystle Coleman

Krystle Coleman is a woman of many talents and hustles. She is the founder and CEO of Midori Star Media Group, as well as being an event designer. She originally knew she had what it took to dominate the PR world in 12th grade when she noticed how well she could write. Besides being featured in Vibe and RollingOut, she has contributed great content to numerous outlets.


Q. Where are you originally from?

Detroit Michigan

Q. With so many responsibilities, how do you stay balanced?

A To Do List, Prayer, Carving out time to take care of myself , mentally , physically and emotionally. It is important to understand balance, and not feeling guilty when you take time for yourself in this industry.

Q. When did you first realize that Public Relations was your passion?

In High school in the 12th grade when I realized my main talent was writing, when I arrived at college I channeled my writing expertise into a major which was Mass Communication. From my undergrad classes and an abundance of internships.



Q. What’s your biggest difficulty in this industry?

To be honest nothing is really too difficult, everything has a solution if handled properly from the beginning. But one thing that does work my nerve on occasion with the practice of PR is the repetitiveness of it all.

Q. What could you see yourself doing if you weren’t in this field?

Full Time Magazine Writer, or Professor I love teaching and helping women understand the field, the techniques and different skill sets to getting top results within the PR industry

Q. What advice has helped shape you into the woman you are today?

Among other things, one quote that shapes my life, “Never a failure, always a mistake”. Never wear your heart on your sleeve, everything can be applied to bettering yourself, even criticism.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @krystlecoleman  Instagram:  @Midoristarmediagroup




Spotlight On: Sule!

Sule is introducing a very unique style of Hip-Hop to the game, having come from musical roots he understands what it means to respect the art. Repping Jersey, he is definitely a dope artist shedding light on the Garden State. Check it out.

Who you are and where are you from?
I’m a young upcoming hip-hop artist named “Sule”, from Englewood, New Jersey.

When did you begin singing/rapping?
I started writing music at the age of 8, but I’ve  been in a strong music atmosphere since I was three years old. My godfather owned a studio near my neighborhood when I was in elementary school. Therefore, you could say that I’ve been around music practically my whole life.

What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?
The most difficult is most young evolving artists are leaving their comfort zone and trying new things. I have learned that it is all a part of growing as an artist. I used to be very hesitant when it came to trying out new strategies and ideas, but now I do my own thing and do what’s comfortable for me.

What separates you from other artists?
Balance because balance in music is key. You want to make music that touches everybody. I might make a song with a Caribbean vibe today. Then turn around and make a classic rap beat tomorrow, then a club record next week and etc. You have to appeal to all crowds and make it relatable.

 Advice to other artists on the same path as you?
Be yourself and take pride in your work! Never be scared to step out of the box and make what you want to make.

Top inspirations?
Big L, Fabolous, Drake, Kendrick, J Cole.. the list goes on because I generally love music itself.
Social Media Handles:
Twitter: @SulesMusic
Instagram: @SulesMusic
Snapchat: @SulesMusic