Not Just A Regular Podcast: The Female Takeover

On episode 9 of Not Just A Regular Podcast, we truly switched it up. It was a FEMALE TAKEOVER – we invited ladies from the media industry to sit down and share their views on EVERYTHING. What’s proper threesome etiquette? What’s the weirdest porn you’ve ever watched? You have to check it out to see these ladies’ responses. Subscribe, comment and tell a friend!


Shetrepreneurs: Shanea Phillips

Who doesn’t like great food while networking? Shanea Phillips is the Founder and Creator of one of the most brilliant mixers to ever hit New Jersey. She combined deliciously catered food and networking amongst driven millennials together, creating ‘Brunch N’ Grind.’ Her events have different themes and bring together some of the most ambitious, young and fresh faces to eat and mingle. Not only has the feedback been great but her business is original, fun and a new way to get young people connected all while enjoying some good food. Check out our interview:

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or what I like to call ‘Shetrepreneur’?
I never even imagined becoming an entrepreneur! I think my story is similar to many other business owners. You see a need and you develop a solution to address the problem. In my case, I realized there weren’t many opportunities for young black professionals to connect in an informal setting on a personal and professional level. It is extremely important to build a network and establish social capital as you make these career moves. Seeing this, I came up with the idea to host networking brunch parties, specifically in Jersey, to add to the social landscape…and Brunch N’ Grind was born.

What was some of the most discouraging things you’ve been told about being a business owner?
Honestly, I’ve received nothing but encouragement on all fronts. From family and friends, to the media and the economy which promoted entrepreneurship as the key to financial freedom. If anything, the discouragement came from myself! I was afraid of failure, afraid of fully putting myself out there, and of the time and resources it would take to build a business. But I decided to take that leap of faith anyway, because if you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else?


What motivated and inspired you to persevere?
I was motivated by the “what if” factor. Despite all my doubts, I wondered what if this actually succeeded? Additionally, I was motivated by the need for a solution to the lack of social and professional networking opportunities for young black professionals. Thinking about the bigger picture inspires and encourages me to keep going. I realized directly after college that it is about both who AND what you know. Knowing that I can help people make connections, build friendships and propel them toward completing a goal through my brunches encourages me to improve and grow to reach even more people. I think the fact that I am truly passionate about planning and hosting evets and meeting new people made it seem more like fun and less like work.

What advice do you have for females afraid to take that leap and own their own business?
I would say, the first step is believing in yourself, building self-confidence and taking that leap of faith to put yourself out there. Once you do, you’ll realize that you are more than able and fully equipped to handle anything that may come your way. More importantly, take the time to start an outline for your business plan, to determine what your business is, who it will serve and how you plan to make it sustainable. Make sure you do you research, learn the industry and stay ahead of trends. Build a solid brand based on something you love. People can sense that passion and will fall in love with the business as well. Lastly, build a solid team and don’t be afraid to say no or take risks.

One thing you carry at all times in your purse?
My Planner! (I would say my phone, but unfortunately that’s in my hands at all times). My planner helps me stay organized and keep track of all upcoming assignments, meetings, events and deliverables. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times with everything I have on my plate, but writing and planning everything out really helps me to focus and get things done.

Favorite thing about being a woman?
That we are powerful beyond measure! Despite the adversity women, especially black women face, we continue to excel as leaders and innovators. While we are strong and powerful, we are also caring and give selflessly and relentlessly. Women continue to break through boundaries and limitations others place on us. We’re intelligent, highly successful and ambitious. I can go on for days about how proud I am to be a woman. This pride often stems from the beautiful women I meet daily who encourage, support and inspire me to be great.
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Shetrepreneurs: Atiyah McDaniels

Atiyah McDaniels has created her own lane in the hair extension and wig industry. From her beautiful packaging to her innovative marketing tools, she gives females the opportunity to purchase from a variety of different hair extension types. Her business started from a vision to a reality, in what seemed like overnight. This female hustler knows what it is to hustle and has been making Intense Beauté one of the most known and sought brands of the year. The Founder and CEO of Intense Beauté shared a bit about her journey and experience as an entrepreneur.

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or what I like to call ‘Shetrepreneur’?

What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was the fact that I always wanted more! I was lucky to be introduced to cooperate america at a young age. At 18 I was enrolled to a workforce program that in exchange paid for my college tuition. At 21 I was hired full time by the company and by that time I had already witnessed the coming and going of supervisors and how quickly you could be hired and laid off the next. The pay was decent but for 8 hours of my day I knew I could make so much more! During the duration of my time working my 9-5 I discovered an interest in hair extensions to the point where all I did was watch youtube videos at my desk while I was supposed to be working lol … and I said to myself I should go into business selling hair extensions… (that was in 2012 I had this idea) not until 2015 did I really put some action into my “idea”. Thus, Intense Beauté was born.

2. What was some of the most discouraging things you’ve been told about being a business owner?

The most discouraging thing I’ve been told would have to be “everybody sells hair why don’t you do something original”. That in all is true, their are a lot of hair companies formulating but but as we also know their is also a CVS and a Walgreens both in the same field and both successful. I make the comparison to say just because you have the same business idea it does not mean you can not be successful amongst other retails of the same product.

3. What motivated and inspired you to persevere?

I love to prove nay sayers wrong! I’ve always been the one to do what it is I say I am going to do. Even if it takes some time to accomplish the goal best believe I will accomplish it. I always knew having my own business is what I wanted. I think when something is your calling it’s just no way around it. It had came a time where I was a little indecisive about actually going forth with my business but every where I turned it was like god giving me signals that being my own boss was what I was meant to do. I just ran with the idea blindly and I am so happy that I did. Even though everyday I am learning something new I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

4. What advice do you have for females afraid to take that leap and own their own business?

Just DO IT! If you keep having thoughts of owning your own business or an idea of a business that you just can not get out of your head that means that is your destiny. A lot of time fear is the only obstacle in your way. As human beings we fear the unknown, the fear of failing or the fear of not knowing what comes next.. that is all normal. You just have to put yourself out there and not be afraid to fall… because you would be surprised to find yourself actually succeeding beyond your imagination.

5. One thing you carry at all times in your purse?

Well I have two things I now always carry. Business cards number one! You never know who you will meet and you need to have some form of formal presentation to let them know you mean business. Number two a planner. I never had to carry a planner before but as life is getting more hectic and my days are getting more business oriented I see myself having to keep track of my daily task and meetings lol which is a good thing I feel like I am important.

6. Favorite thing about being a woman?

I love the way we are able to creatively express ourselves through our hair. One day I can wear my hair pink if I am feeling fun or one day I can wear my hair short if I am feeling chic. The list just goes on and on. Being a female and a black female is LIT ! lol #blackgirlmagic

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Shetrepreneurs: Monica Major

Monica Major is more than just a pretty face, she has utilized social media as her playground for female motivation and cash. With her highly visited page ‘Stay Goaled’, she gives tips and quotes for women in business and on the go. She also has her own Mink Lash line called ‘Major Minks‘. With that being said, she is definitely a woman on a mission.

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or what I like to call ‘Shetrepreneur’?

Honestly, seeing the money that can be made on social media inspired me to become an entrepreneur. Yeah, social media is fun and entertaining but there are also so many more opportunities on social media now and I suggest that everyone take advantage of it. I’ve always been into makeup and people would always compliment me and ask about products I used and even asked me to do their makeup. Being that the beauty industry was sort of my “field” I decided selling lashes would be perfect for me. Lashes are the perfect add on to a BEAT face. The feedback I received when I first decided to sell lashes is also what inspired me. A lot of people were very supportive and they also felt like this was something I should do. Inspiring others actually inspires me as well, so in addition to selling lashes, I also started a little blog called ‘Stay Goaled’ to remind women everywhere that anything is possible and if you stay focused and stay goal orientated you can accomplish whatever.

2. What was some of the most discouraging things you’ve been told about being a business owner?

When you decide to chase your dreams everyone won’t always be supportive. I’ve heard many discouraging things and one was “Oh, why are you selling lashes? Everyone is doing that.” People will downplay your hustle/business just because they’re too scared to follow your own dreams, that’s one thing I learned in the entrepreneur world.

3. What motivated and inspired you to persevere?

Many things motivated and inspired me to KEEP GOING. Like I said, there is a lot of entertainment on social media but also, I’ve watched a lot of dreams come true on social media. So many people on social media started successful business and followed their dreams against all odds and I feel like I can become one of those people. Working a 9-5 job also inspired me. I know what it feels like to have goals and dreams you want to accomplish but the job that you HATE is preventing you from doing so. I wanted to work on my own time and make my own schedule. I also wanted to work hard for my own business instead of someone else’s.

4. What advice do you have for females afraid to take that leap and own their own business?

My advice for females who are afraid to take the leap and start their own business is to just GO for it. There will never be a right time or perfect moment to start a business, JUST START. Don’t really focus on the what if. Yeah most of us have a job that they hate and would love to work for their self but that all comes with time. Plan and prosper. Of course you cannot quit right away and just start a business with no money. Save, plan, pray, and most important believe YOU CAN.
Even if 100 girls are selling the same thing, no one is you and that is your power.
REMEMBER: whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re always right!

5. One thing you carry at all times in your purse?

One thing I carry in my purse at all times is my camera. Living in the moment is always amazing but sometime you also have to capture and seize THE MOMENT.

6. Favorite thing about being a woman?

My favorite thing about being a women is the versatility of it. Although, society wants us to believe that there is only one way of being a women, it’s not! I’m very into fashion and for women, there is a lot of versatility when it comes to the clothes we wear. However, it’s deeper than that. Women are stepping up now more than ever. Owning all types of business, creating new things, empowering each other now more than ever, and even doing things most men couldn’t. I love everything about being a woman!

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Women’s History Month: Shetrepreneurs

Everyday we scroll on our Instagram and see the different businesses all ran and operated by women. Some women we know, some we don’t. One thing they all have in common is the fact that they are females and competing in different industries that are likely male dominated. With social media creating more business opportunities for females to showcase their different hustles, I chose a select few women that I follow on social media. Some I know very well and have seen the progression of their hustle, others I know simply from clicking their follow button.

But one thing they all share is their drive and ambition. Enjoy this series and read these ladies purpose behind their hustle.

Creative Control + Cookie Kawaii

Cookie Kawaii is a female artist that embodies more than one might think. As a lover of jazz and the daughter of a DJ, music runs through her veins. She released her recent project and transformed everyone’s idea of chill vibes. ‘Zen’ is a list of songs that can relax you, be used in a smoke session or spice up your love life. Check out my interview with Cookie and the freestyle she blessed us with!


Shetrepreneurs: Tiffany Nicole Pigee

During my Shetrepreneurs series, I’ve spoken to several women who have their own businesses or are embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey. Tiffany is a boss in every sense of the word and is mastering what it means to balance. With a new business under her belt, she is ready to take over 2017 and expand her brand. Check her out!

Q. How long have you had your own business?

The Tiffany Nicole Forever Brand and Coaching Firm launched on April 1st of this year (2016). However, I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade.

Q. What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur?

Personally, I’m currently working through balancing it all. Being at the forefront of my business (the face and voice of the brand), while also maintaining the actual building of the business. It’s easy to think that the two should work hand in hand, but I’ve found that each component takes concentrated effort and attention. For example, I have to make sure that we are impactful and consistent with brand development, social media planning and collaborations; while also planning for new product creation, content development and revenue projections; on top of hosting events and meeting with coaching clients. Sometimes it’s definitely a juggle, but it’s one of the things that I love the most about entrepreneurship. I enjoy utilizing all of my skills and talents to make things happen. I get excited when I’m busy and things are moving in the right direction.



Q. What goals do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

2017 will be the year that I publish my first book. I have so much to say and impart to others, that my podcast and blog can no longer contain it all. I will also launch a series of empowerment events for women – because I believe that in-person connection is transformational. I will continue to produce relevant and purposeful content for and the Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast, I’m also launching a new product line (stay tuned) and you’ll see me begin to explore other forms of social media outreach (more videos, courses and webinars). There’s a lot in store for 2017, a lot to be excited about!

Q. What advice would you give young ladies on a similar path as you?

Stop second guessing yourself. Young women often spend so much time considering all of the potential outcomes that they become stifled in thought and never take a chance on themselves. So, I would say to them: If there is something in your heart, that you’ve been wanting to do (or try), go for it. It may be as simple as traveling and seeing the world or as complex as building a business from the ground up, it doesn’t matter. You have ideas, dreams and ambitions that are meant solely for you; and it is your responsibility to give birth to them. Never give up on or ignore your desire to do something different… something new. Instead, find a way. Create your own journey. And when you’re feeling unsure consider what’s the worst that can happen, many times you’ll find that the outcome of trying and (potentially) failing, far outweigh the outcome of never knowing what it feels like to go after your dreams.

Q. Top Three Inspirations?

  • My father. He showed me that I could create a living without having to work for anyone… that has been priceless in my journey, because I don’t have the same fears as many others do; and I have a deeply rooted belief that I can succeed at anything.
  • My husband. He believed in me, when no one else did. He understood that I was not meant to work in the traditional workplace, and he supported me in pursuing my goals, despite any odds that we were up against. The fact that he unconditionally believes in me, fuels me when I doubt myself or when things aren’t progressing as planned.
  • My children. I want my children to understand that your true wealth in life is found when you pursue your dreams and create a life of freedom… mental, financial and time freedom. In the past, our dreams have been sacrificed, or put on hold, because we were fighting to survive. I am now creating a life where I am able to pursue what I love, while also creating a living that provides financial freedom.

Q. What moment(s) helped mold you into the woman you are today?

Watching my father create opportunity after opportunity for himself, was a priceless education in resilience and the pursuit of self-created success. I wasn’t taught that giving up was an option. I learned to be a problem solver and how to find a way to make things work, no matter what. It was this knowledge, that I didn’t even realize – at the time – I was receiving, that kept me afloat as a single mother and that has always fueled my desire to have more, to build my own legacy and to control my own life. I wouldn’t be who I am, and who I am becoming, without the example my father set for me.

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New Music + Luxury ‘If Your Girl’

Luxury has set everyone’s ears on fire with her new single ‘If Your Girl’, which is a sexy and modern twist on the late Aaliyah classic. Luxury puts a new school spin on the song and adds a super creative short visual featuring her girls and funny personality Fat Boy as co stars. With the dope video concept along with the fire make up and hair, Luxury is taking over. Check out the song + visual below.



Shetrepreneurs: Krystle Coleman

Krystle Coleman is a woman of many talents and hustles. She is the founder and CEO of Midori Star Media Group, as well as being an event designer. She originally knew she had what it took to dominate the PR world in 12th grade when she noticed how well she could write. Besides being featured in Vibe and RollingOut, she has contributed great content to numerous outlets.


Q. Where are you originally from?

Detroit Michigan

Q. With so many responsibilities, how do you stay balanced?

A To Do List, Prayer, Carving out time to take care of myself , mentally , physically and emotionally. It is important to understand balance, and not feeling guilty when you take time for yourself in this industry.

Q. When did you first realize that Public Relations was your passion?

In High school in the 12th grade when I realized my main talent was writing, when I arrived at college I channeled my writing expertise into a major which was Mass Communication. From my undergrad classes and an abundance of internships.



Q. What’s your biggest difficulty in this industry?

To be honest nothing is really too difficult, everything has a solution if handled properly from the beginning. But one thing that does work my nerve on occasion with the practice of PR is the repetitiveness of it all.

Q. What could you see yourself doing if you weren’t in this field?

Full Time Magazine Writer, or Professor I love teaching and helping women understand the field, the techniques and different skill sets to getting top results within the PR industry

Q. What advice has helped shape you into the woman you are today?

Among other things, one quote that shapes my life, “Never a failure, always a mistake”. Never wear your heart on your sleeve, everything can be applied to bettering yourself, even criticism.

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