Not Just A Regular Podcast: Episode 10

Gather around Vee has a story to tell about being trapped in the closet. Krii Friends won’t save her life, and Brii “claims” to have a healthy relationship you have to have a side piece. Meanwhile, Skinny says he will know if a woman is cheating on him. This episode will definitely having you laughing. Joined by @ZutedSkateShop & @_HoneyImGold Tell a friend to tell a friend!




Not Just A Regular Podcast: The Female Takeover

On episode 9 of Not Just A Regular Podcast, we truly switched it up. It was a FEMALE TAKEOVER – we invited ladies from the media industry to sit down and share their views on EVERYTHING. What’s proper threesome etiquette? What’s the weirdest porn you’ve ever watched? You have to check it out to see these ladies’ responses. Subscribe, comment and tell a friend!


Not Just A Regular Podcast: Red Means Stop

Joined by DJ Tarzan & Ray Joe, The Team covers topics from The Nicki Minaj Response back to Remy Ma , “running red lights”, and also if having unprotected sex is a relationship starter. The conversation takes a few twists and turns as the team will have you laughing with their usual thoughts, opinions and ignorance. Don’t forget to let us know who you think the MVP of this episode is!


Episode 6: Not Just A Regular Podcast

On episode 6 (yes episode 6, we’re almost on our 10th EP!) we discussed body counts..*sigh* how much is too much? We also discussed if women truly cheat off of emotion or do they really just need some box relief. The gang touched briefly on the newest love and hip hop episode, and even had a “noodle head” user call in after being curved. Comment, subscribe and tell a friend!


Not Just A Regular Podcast: Podcast & Chill

Episode 5*Holds up Four fingers* of Not Just A Regular Podcast, we HAD to discuss the Shether Massacre. Should Nicki even respond by now? Should Remy drop another diss?
We also spoke to Bobby Shmurda live on the podcast courtesy of his PR @therealkayy – she is also the creator of the networking mixer Network and Chill which will be going down this weekend. Our couch guests @lee.waters & @maccmccray will be in attendance also! Another dope episode of Not Just A Regular Podcast, drop comments and feedback!


Not Just A Regular Podcast: Episode 2

Watch out for them BBBDS!!!! On episode 2 of Not Just A Regular Podcast (Lies, Sex and Hoe Bags) the gang teamed up for a slew of topics. What do females have in their “hoe bag”, is it okay to like the opposite sex pictures on IG (Is that Cyber Cheating?) and also what happens if your partner “let’s off their gun too soon”.
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