Creative Control + Ray Joe!

Artist, clothing line owner, entrepreneur and mini series actor Ray Joe sat down with me and got down to the grit of his hustle. He spoke on how he first started and why he keeps his social media ALL about his work. Check it out and also check out his site for more info on merchandise and music!


Exclusive Interview w/ Teenear

Teenear is a new and fresh artist that is taking the R&B world by storm with her latest release and visual ‘Last Night’. She signed with Slip ‘n’ Slide Records and has been making much needed music for the culture. As an R&B fan I love when new artists show their talent and creativity, especially for the younger generation. I was able to ask her more in depth about her start in the business and her plans to take things to the next level.

Q. When did you first get introduced to music?

Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, my first time performing was when I was five years old. It’s been a love and the joy in my life since.

Q. At what point did you begin to make music your career?

I recorded my first song in the studio when I was 15 years old but it wasn’t until he turned 17 and I put out my first single “Friday Night” featuring Sage the Gemini and that was the start of my music career.

Q. What projects of yours have made you the most happy as an artist?

“Last Night” is definitely my favorite so far. I got to be a part of every aspect of it and it just really makes me happy because it’s like my little baby.

Q. What do you think separates you from the rest of the industry?

I stay true to who I am. I’m not putting on a show just to be accepted and I feel like being genuine and hard-working is something that will keep you in this industry for a long time.

Q. Being 19 in this industry can be such an eye opening experience, what have you learned so far? 

Trust the people around you and keep your circle small. You definitely need to have right minded people around you at all times because just one person constantly telling you the wrong things can cause you to go in the wrong direction.

Q. What are your plans for the next year musically?

I have a lot of projects I plan on putting out this year that I’m super excited about and I’m ready for everyone to hear and see. I can’t talk too much on it but It’s a lot so I hope everyone is ready haha.

Q. How did you come up with the concept for your new visual “Last Night”?

I walked into the studio hearing Ali ,the other writer of this song, playing it over and over again and he kept saying last night repeatedly and we just built on it. I tried to think of things that people go through and I feel like one thing that’s relate-able is some people can say that they’ve been in a relationship where they were on and off with the person constantly for whatever reason. This song just represents the independence and their realization of their own worth and saying I’m good by myself, I can do me by myself cause I got my own. The quote I’ve been saying for the longest time and I’ll still be saying even after it’s played out 1000 times for this song is “A Queen without a king is still a QUEEN”

Q. What advice would you give young female artists on the rise?

Stay true to who you are, don’t let the world make you believe you have to be something you aren’t and just believe in yourself 100%. No one will ever believe in you if you don’t first believe in yourself.

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Creative Control + Macc McCray

It took some time between the both of our busy schedules, but Macc McCray and I were finally able to set up an interview to discuss everything he has going on with his music. Macc broke down the source of his social media rants and why it’s important that he remains unique in this industry. With some serious plans on the way for his music, he is truly ready to take 2017 over.


Spotlight On: Swaggaroni!

Swaggaroni is a versatile, creative and charismatic artist hailing from Montclair, New Jersey. He offers witty punchline filled verses mixed with catchy hooks. As a kid, he was always a fan of the spotlight and the life of the party. As of now he’s branding his single Playlist and trying to show fans and listeners more of his music.




Creative Control + Foe Huned!

Foe Huned is one of my favorite artists from Jersey, not just for his tough lyrics but for his vision and grind. The bi-coastal rapper resides in both Jersey and Cali expanding his brand and making music with a message. We spoke about his upcoming projects and his single ‘Motorola’  with Rich the Kid. Check it out:


Creative Control + Cookie Kawaii

Cookie Kawaii is a female artist that embodies more than one might think. As a lover of jazz and the daughter of a DJ, music runs through her veins. She released her recent project and transformed everyone’s idea of chill vibes. ‘Zen’ is a list of songs that can relax you, be used in a smoke session or spice up your love life. Check out my interview with Cookie and the freestyle she blessed us with!


New Music + Niteshine!

Jersey’s own NiteShine has done it again! With the release of his newest body of work, entitled ’13’, on Thanksgiving, NiteShine has provided a nice holiday treat to vibe to. This project serves as NiteShine’s second solo piece of work; six crazy tracks appealing to all ears and audiences. NiteShine gives us a taste of his world and his experiences through each song, beginning with his latest single released in September, ‘No ID’ feat. Poe Hussle. From start to finish, we get a glimpse of everyday in the life. You can also find the newest addition to his anthems for the streets, ‘Ratchet On Me’ & ‘Foreign’. The visual for ‘Foreign’, shot & directed by Dolo Filmz, was also released on Thanksgiving, alongside the project and can be found on YouTube! Ending the project is the banger, ‘Supplier’, featuring two of Jersey’s top artists, Tsu Surf & Foe Hun’ed. You can find ’13’ on NiteShine’s SoundCloud. Search ‘NiteShine’ on SoundCloud as well as on YouTube! NiteShine plans to keep giving the world the real, his real!

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Spotlight On: At Last!

As an intricate lyricist equipped with an arsenal of flows, At Last proves to be a rare find in today’s rap game. The 23 year old New Jersey MC has quickly risen in notoriety by sharing his story with the gift of gab. Making genuine, authentic music that people of all backgrounds can relate to, At Last’s movement is something everyone will be paying attention to for years to come.

Christopher Helas (b. 1993), better known by his stage name At Last, is a hip-hop recording artist, songwriter and entrepreneur from New Jersey, U.S.A.

With a sound that seamlessly incorporates various sub-genres of hip-hop such as “conscious”, “dark”, “druggie” and “boom bap”, the 23 year old emcee has spent the last several years sharpening his skill set to ensure that his musical output is varied as much as it is specific to him.

Citing rap legends Nas, JAY Z & Eminem as his biggest influences early on, it doesn’t take much to understand the young artist’s love for vivid storytelling, raw lyricism, rhythmic flows and commandeering tracks with a strong vocal presence. With his student-like approach and tireless work ethic, At Last looks to cement himself onto this generations Mt. Rushmore of rap.


“A generation of perfect imperfections… Of lost souls rebelling against tradition while being misguided by society. A generation of individuals born and destined for greatness. Our true value and self-worth lies deep beneath the surface. We are the most powerful force in the world waiting to be unleashed.”


“An international network consisting of several different brands in the fields of music, fashion, visual production, management & technology. The brain child of Christopher Helas (p/k/a At Last), the network was established in 2016 as a means of bringing together his closest associates in hopes of making a significant impact on youth culture.”

– At Last


Spotlight On: Harmony Le Fly

Harmony Le Fly is an artist straight out of Jersey, that has a passion for music. Originally a song writer, he became protective of his craft and started experimenting with both rap and singing. He proudly reps LeFlyGang + EndlessRecords, and released a sexy visual for the ladies to appreciate.


Q. Who you are/where are you from?

I go by the name of “Harmony Le Fly”. I’m a futuristic R&B singer reppin’ Newark, New Jersey. That 973 movement.  #LeFlyGang #EndlessRecords

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

I actually started writing music at seven, then the singing came around 14. I started getting more serious with the music thing at 17 before I graduated High School. I actually just started experimenting with rapping lately but if you write you can do anything, that’s how I look at it.

Q. What were some of your inspirations with your most recent project?

Well 2016 has actually been a productive year for me, I debuted my first ever mixtape ‘#FirstImpression’ which is on my Sound cloud. And I shot my first official music video. I can say the inspiration of my first mixtape is definitely love, passion, hurt, sensuality, letting go, and just being yourself. Never changing for anyone, and last but not least consistency.

Q. What are some of your music influences?

I have so many [laughs] Let me start with Prince, H-Town Boyz, Jodeci, Bobby Valentino, most definitely Pretty Ricky, Marques Houston, it’s a lot [laughs]. I graduated year 08 so artists at the time between 04-08 was a big inspiration to me. My biggest music inspiration is life, just lessons I learn through life, I get to write and sing or rap about it and that’s what makes it better to me.

Q. The biggest challenge you face in this industry?

The biggest challenge is everybody wants to be an Artist [laughs], shit my uncle raps feel me? So with that being said, there’s more artist nowadays than consumers, meaning there’s no more listeners. Another challenge is keeping your own sound trying not to sound like everybody else, I work hard to try not to sound like anybody, but it’s hard sometimes when everybody nowadays is used to one sound of music. I challenge people to become open minded with mine.

Q. What separates you from other artists?

I would honestly say humbleness and appreciation, I’m humble to every artist out here. Another artists’ good music inspires me to make good music, you should never talk down or hate on somebody’s music. I feel like a lot of indie artists hate on each other way too much, it’s us vs them, that’s how I look at it. We got to start showing each other love, and I’m that type of artist. I like to see people make it, not fall.

Q. Advice to anyone on a similar path as you?
Grind Grind Grind Grind Grind [laughs] and stay consistent, consistency can play a good role on the path you choose or for any path you choose.

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