When I initially began blogging, I didn’t know things would pick up the way they did. I went from writing about female entrepreneurs and business owners, to now debuting new music as well as interviewing artists from all over. Not only has it been a blessing but also a journey.

I started writing for InFlexWeTrust.com in March, interned at Hot 97 and from there began contributing content for Hot97.com. I started to focus more on my own blog thepinkpen.wordpress.com along with on camera interviews for a Youtube web show called Creative Control.

Aside from that, I also do media coverage at numerous events for not only music but all sorts of networking mixers. My passion is to HELP. It doesn’t matter the occasion; I’m only focused on the cause.

Recently I’ve developed a plan to help the homeless in several communities in New Jersey, by providing clothes, sanitary toiletries, diapers and gently used purses for women. ‘The Pink Pen Gives Back’ is an initiative to help homeless women, men and children receive a little help from not only myself but other writers, bloggers, artists or anyone that wants to help.

For information on blog placement, interviews, media coverage or donations to The Pink Pen Gives Back, you can email me: ItsThePinkPen@Gmail.com

Social Media Handles:

IG: BriWoo

Twitter: BriWoo_




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