My Two Cents: It Ain’t That Deep

Sex is glorified and treated like a necessity for relationships, when in reality it’s actually the last and final piece that should be acknowledged.

Of course that’s all we hear about in this day and age, sex and the physical abilities of someone we find attractive. But did we ever think about why relationships aren’t working out?

  1. We praise sex before personality.
  2. We don’t date anymore – we text.
  3. We allow outside influences to make relationship decisions and goals.

Praising sex over personality – When was the last time you thoroughly got to know someone you liked? In my previous post I emphasized how dates were so crucial to getting to know a person. Why share your body with someone who you don’t even know fully? What if their hygiene sucks? Have you asked about their stance on certain topics? Granted, you may not care because you just want a quick session or two… but fact finding could be the difference from making you making a life changing mistake or blessing.

Dating is now replaced by texting – Long text convos are not dating replacements and gives too much room for guessing. Getting a good understanding of the person is fine, but too much texting can end things before they start.

Lastly, why is this generation so fixated on what other people classify as ‘goals’? The main killer of relationships are expectations and what they think to be a ‘real relationship.’ Just because it was posted with a clever caption doesn’t make it authentic. Remember, there are people suffering behind Instagram filters.


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