Shetrepreneurs: Atiyah McDaniels

Atiyah McDaniels has created her own lane in the hair extension and wig industry. From her beautiful packaging to her innovative marketing tools, she gives females the opportunity to purchase from a variety of different hair extension types. Her business started from a vision to a reality, in what seemed like overnight. This female hustler knows what it is to hustle and has been making Intense Beauté one of the most known and sought brands of the year. The Founder and CEO of Intense Beauté shared a bit about her journey and experience as an entrepreneur.

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or what I like to call ‘Shetrepreneur’?

What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was the fact that I always wanted more! I was lucky to be introduced to cooperate america at a young age. At 18 I was enrolled to a workforce program that in exchange paid for my college tuition. At 21 I was hired full time by the company and by that time I had already witnessed the coming and going of supervisors and how quickly you could be hired and laid off the next. The pay was decent but for 8 hours of my day I knew I could make so much more! During the duration of my time working my 9-5 I discovered an interest in hair extensions to the point where all I did was watch youtube videos at my desk while I was supposed to be working lol … and I said to myself I should go into business selling hair extensions… (that was in 2012 I had this idea) not until 2015 did I really put some action into my “idea”. Thus, Intense Beauté was born.

2. What was some of the most discouraging things you’ve been told about being a business owner?

The most discouraging thing I’ve been told would have to be “everybody sells hair why don’t you do something original”. That in all is true, their are a lot of hair companies formulating but but as we also know their is also a CVS and a Walgreens both in the same field and both successful. I make the comparison to say just because you have the same business idea it does not mean you can not be successful amongst other retails of the same product.

3. What motivated and inspired you to persevere?

I love to prove nay sayers wrong! I’ve always been the one to do what it is I say I am going to do. Even if it takes some time to accomplish the goal best believe I will accomplish it. I always knew having my own business is what I wanted. I think when something is your calling it’s just no way around it. It had came a time where I was a little indecisive about actually going forth with my business but every where I turned it was like god giving me signals that being my own boss was what I was meant to do. I just ran with the idea blindly and I am so happy that I did. Even though everyday I am learning something new I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

4. What advice do you have for females afraid to take that leap and own their own business?

Just DO IT! If you keep having thoughts of owning your own business or an idea of a business that you just can not get out of your head that means that is your destiny. A lot of time fear is the only obstacle in your way. As human beings we fear the unknown, the fear of failing or the fear of not knowing what comes next.. that is all normal. You just have to put yourself out there and not be afraid to fall… because you would be surprised to find yourself actually succeeding beyond your imagination.

5. One thing you carry at all times in your purse?

Well I have two things I now always carry. Business cards number one! You never know who you will meet and you need to have some form of formal presentation to let them know you mean business. Number two a planner. I never had to carry a planner before but as life is getting more hectic and my days are getting more business oriented I see myself having to keep track of my daily task and meetings lol which is a good thing I feel like I am important.

6. Favorite thing about being a woman?

I love the way we are able to creatively express ourselves through our hair. One day I can wear my hair pink if I am feeling fun or one day I can wear my hair short if I am feeling chic. The list just goes on and on. Being a female and a black female is LIT ! lol #blackgirlmagic

Social Media Handles/Business Site:
Instagram: @mtrlgirl & @intensebeaute
Youtube: @mtrlgirl & @ intense beaute
Snapchat: @mtrlgirl
Facebook: Intense Beaute by MtrlGirl
Facebook: MtrlGirl



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