Shetrepreneurs: Monica Major

Monica Major is more than just a pretty face, she has utilized social media as her playground for female motivation and cash. With her highly visited page ‘Stay Goaled’, she gives tips and quotes for women in business and on the go. She also has her own Mink Lash line called ‘Major Minks‘. With that being said, she is definitely a woman on a mission.

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or what I like to call ‘Shetrepreneur’?

Honestly, seeing the money that can be made on social media inspired me to become an entrepreneur. Yeah, social media is fun and entertaining but there are also so many more opportunities on social media now and I suggest that everyone take advantage of it. I’ve always been into makeup and people would always compliment me and ask about products I used and even asked me to do their makeup. Being that the beauty industry was sort of my “field” I decided selling lashes would be perfect for me. Lashes are the perfect add on to a BEAT face. The feedback I received when I first decided to sell lashes is also what inspired me. A lot of people were very supportive and they also felt like this was something I should do. Inspiring others actually inspires me as well, so in addition to selling lashes, I also started a little blog called ‘Stay Goaled’ to remind women everywhere that anything is possible and if you stay focused and stay goal orientated you can accomplish whatever.

2. What was some of the most discouraging things you’ve been told about being a business owner?

When you decide to chase your dreams everyone won’t always be supportive. I’ve heard many discouraging things and one was “Oh, why are you selling lashes? Everyone is doing that.” People will downplay your hustle/business just because they’re too scared to follow your own dreams, that’s one thing I learned in the entrepreneur world.

3. What motivated and inspired you to persevere?

Many things motivated and inspired me to KEEP GOING. Like I said, there is a lot of entertainment on social media but also, I’ve watched a lot of dreams come true on social media. So many people on social media started successful business and followed their dreams against all odds and I feel like I can become one of those people. Working a 9-5 job also inspired me. I know what it feels like to have goals and dreams you want to accomplish but the job that you HATE is preventing you from doing so. I wanted to work on my own time and make my own schedule. I also wanted to work hard for my own business instead of someone else’s.

4. What advice do you have for females afraid to take that leap and own their own business?

My advice for females who are afraid to take the leap and start their own business is to just GO for it. There will never be a right time or perfect moment to start a business, JUST START. Don’t really focus on the what if. Yeah most of us have a job that they hate and would love to work for their self but that all comes with time. Plan and prosper. Of course you cannot quit right away and just start a business with no money. Save, plan, pray, and most important believe YOU CAN.
Even if 100 girls are selling the same thing, no one is you and that is your power.
REMEMBER: whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re always right!

5. One thing you carry at all times in your purse?

One thing I carry in my purse at all times is my camera. Living in the moment is always amazing but sometime you also have to capture and seize THE MOMENT.

6. Favorite thing about being a woman?

My favorite thing about being a women is the versatility of it. Although, society wants us to believe that there is only one way of being a women, it’s not! I’m very into fashion and for women, there is a lot of versatility when it comes to the clothes we wear. However, it’s deeper than that. Women are stepping up now more than ever. Owning all types of business, creating new things, empowering each other now more than ever, and even doing things most men couldn’t. I love everything about being a woman!

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