Shetrepreneurs: Tiffany Nicole Pigee

During my Shetrepreneurs series, I’ve spoken to several women who have their own businesses or are embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey. Tiffany is a boss in every sense of the word and is mastering what it means to balance. With a new business under her belt, she is ready to take over 2017 and expand her brand. Check her out!

Q. How long have you had your own business?

The Tiffany Nicole Forever Brand and Coaching Firm launched on April 1st of this year (2016). However, I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade.

Q. What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur?

Personally, I’m currently working through balancing it all. Being at the forefront of my business (the face and voice of the brand), while also maintaining the actual building of the business. It’s easy to think that the two should work hand in hand, but I’ve found that each component takes concentrated effort and attention. For example, I have to make sure that we are impactful and consistent with brand development, social media planning and collaborations; while also planning for new product creation, content development and revenue projections; on top of hosting events and meeting with coaching clients. Sometimes it’s definitely a juggle, but it’s one of the things that I love the most about entrepreneurship. I enjoy utilizing all of my skills and talents to make things happen. I get excited when I’m busy and things are moving in the right direction.



Q. What goals do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

2017 will be the year that I publish my first book. I have so much to say and impart to others, that my podcast and blog can no longer contain it all. I will also launch a series of empowerment events for women – because I believe that in-person connection is transformational. I will continue to produce relevant and purposeful content for and the Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast, I’m also launching a new product line (stay tuned) and you’ll see me begin to explore other forms of social media outreach (more videos, courses and webinars). There’s a lot in store for 2017, a lot to be excited about!

Q. What advice would you give young ladies on a similar path as you?

Stop second guessing yourself. Young women often spend so much time considering all of the potential outcomes that they become stifled in thought and never take a chance on themselves. So, I would say to them: If there is something in your heart, that you’ve been wanting to do (or try), go for it. It may be as simple as traveling and seeing the world or as complex as building a business from the ground up, it doesn’t matter. You have ideas, dreams and ambitions that are meant solely for you; and it is your responsibility to give birth to them. Never give up on or ignore your desire to do something different… something new. Instead, find a way. Create your own journey. And when you’re feeling unsure consider what’s the worst that can happen, many times you’ll find that the outcome of trying and (potentially) failing, far outweigh the outcome of never knowing what it feels like to go after your dreams.

Q. Top Three Inspirations?

  • My father. He showed me that I could create a living without having to work for anyone… that has been priceless in my journey, because I don’t have the same fears as many others do; and I have a deeply rooted belief that I can succeed at anything.
  • My husband. He believed in me, when no one else did. He understood that I was not meant to work in the traditional workplace, and he supported me in pursuing my goals, despite any odds that we were up against. The fact that he unconditionally believes in me, fuels me when I doubt myself or when things aren’t progressing as planned.
  • My children. I want my children to understand that your true wealth in life is found when you pursue your dreams and create a life of freedom… mental, financial and time freedom. In the past, our dreams have been sacrificed, or put on hold, because we were fighting to survive. I am now creating a life where I am able to pursue what I love, while also creating a living that provides financial freedom.

Q. What moment(s) helped mold you into the woman you are today?

Watching my father create opportunity after opportunity for himself, was a priceless education in resilience and the pursuit of self-created success. I wasn’t taught that giving up was an option. I learned to be a problem solver and how to find a way to make things work, no matter what. It was this knowledge, that I didn’t even realize – at the time – I was receiving, that kept me afloat as a single mother and that has always fueled my desire to have more, to build my own legacy and to control my own life. I wouldn’t be who I am, and who I am becoming, without the example my father set for me.

Social Media Handles:

IG: @iamtiffanynicole

Twitter: @hiTiffanyNicole

FB: @tiffanynicoleforever


Podcast: Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast {iTunes:} {Google Play:} {SoundCloud:}


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