Spotlight On: At Last!

As an intricate lyricist equipped with an arsenal of flows, At Last proves to be a rare find in today’s rap game. The 23 year old New Jersey MC has quickly risen in notoriety by sharing his story with the gift of gab. Making genuine, authentic music that people of all backgrounds can relate to, At Last’s movement is something everyone will be paying attention to for years to come.

Christopher Helas (b. 1993), better known by his stage name At Last, is a hip-hop recording artist, songwriter and entrepreneur from New Jersey, U.S.A.

With a sound that seamlessly incorporates various sub-genres of hip-hop such as “conscious”, “dark”, “druggie” and “boom bap”, the 23 year old emcee has spent the last several years sharpening his skill set to ensure that his musical output is varied as much as it is specific to him.

Citing rap legends Nas, JAY Z & Eminem as his biggest influences early on, it doesn’t take much to understand the young artist’s love for vivid storytelling, raw lyricism, rhythmic flows and commandeering tracks with a strong vocal presence. With his student-like approach and tireless work ethic, At Last looks to cement himself onto this generations Mt. Rushmore of rap.


“A generation of perfect imperfections… Of lost souls rebelling against tradition while being misguided by society. A generation of individuals born and destined for greatness. Our true value and self-worth lies deep beneath the surface. We are the most powerful force in the world waiting to be unleashed.”


“An international network consisting of several different brands in the fields of music, fashion, visual production, management & technology. The brain child of Christopher Helas (p/k/a At Last), the network was established in 2016 as a means of bringing together his closest associates in hopes of making a significant impact on youth culture.”

– At Last



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