Winnas Only Presents: Meet The DJs Panel at Loft 9

When Jersey gets together, it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve said that before and truly saw the power of that statement. Winnas Only presented Meet The DJs, which was an opportunity for every artist to ask the age old question: How can I get my music played? Not only was it informative but it gave everyone including myself, insight in the world of a DJ.

As artists, some may feel neglected from the movers and shakers that can ‘break’ an artist into the mainstream. DJs like DJ Dark Kent, DJ Drewski and DJ Tarzan all dropped gems on how an artist can get their attention without being too annoying or pushy. The panel also gave advice to up and coming DJs that want to get their recognition in the industry as well. DJ Shy shed light on the importance of knowing your place and staying in your own lane.

There were several bloggers, videographers, and artists in attendance. With so many gems being dropped and networking taking place, the panel was a great example of Jersey coming together to learn from each other.

Check out Tha Grey Matter for all of the shots during the panel.



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