Spotlight On: Harmony Le Fly

Harmony Le Fly is an artist straight out of Jersey, that has a passion for music. Originally a song writer, he became protective of his craft and started experimenting with both rap and singing. He proudly reps LeFlyGang + EndlessRecords, and released a sexy visual for the ladies to appreciate.


Q. Who you are/where are you from?

I go by the name of “Harmony Le Fly”. I’m a futuristic R&B singer reppin’ Newark, New Jersey. That 973 movement.  #LeFlyGang #EndlessRecords

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

I actually started writing music at seven, then the singing came around 14. I started getting more serious with the music thing at 17 before I graduated High School. I actually just started experimenting with rapping lately but if you write you can do anything, that’s how I look at it.

Q. What were some of your inspirations with your most recent project?

Well 2016 has actually been a productive year for me, I debuted my first ever mixtape ‘#FirstImpression’ which is on my Sound cloud. And I shot my first official music video. I can say the inspiration of my first mixtape is definitely love, passion, hurt, sensuality, letting go, and just being yourself. Never changing for anyone, and last but not least consistency.

Q. What are some of your music influences?

I have so many [laughs] Let me start with Prince, H-Town Boyz, Jodeci, Bobby Valentino, most definitely Pretty Ricky, Marques Houston, it’s a lot [laughs]. I graduated year 08 so artists at the time between 04-08 was a big inspiration to me. My biggest music inspiration is life, just lessons I learn through life, I get to write and sing or rap about it and that’s what makes it better to me.

Q. The biggest challenge you face in this industry?

The biggest challenge is everybody wants to be an Artist [laughs], shit my uncle raps feel me? So with that being said, there’s more artist nowadays than consumers, meaning there’s no more listeners. Another challenge is keeping your own sound trying not to sound like everybody else, I work hard to try not to sound like anybody, but it’s hard sometimes when everybody nowadays is used to one sound of music. I challenge people to become open minded with mine.

Q. What separates you from other artists?

I would honestly say humbleness and appreciation, I’m humble to every artist out here. Another artists’ good music inspires me to make good music, you should never talk down or hate on somebody’s music. I feel like a lot of indie artists hate on each other way too much, it’s us vs them, that’s how I look at it. We got to start showing each other love, and I’m that type of artist. I like to see people make it, not fall.

Q. Advice to anyone on a similar path as you?
Grind Grind Grind Grind Grind [laughs] and stay consistent, consistency can play a good role on the path you choose or for any path you choose.

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