Spotlight On: OD Odyssey!

OD Odyssey is a music group hailing from Atlanta with a very unique style. I spoke to them about their music and where they get a bit of their inspiration from. Check it out!


Q. What were some of your inspirations with your most recent project?

No artist in particular but a lot of dope….
And a quote which stuck with us from Lil Uzi Vert “When I stopped thinking it all happened”.

Q. What are some of your music influences?

Wiz Khalifa & Kid Cudi

Q. Biggest challenge you face in this industry?

Getting in the industry. Getting your foot in the door as artists is very difficult.

Q. What separates you from other artists?

OD Odyssey’s music is a journey on its own and if you ever listen it, I believe it speaks for itself. Maxx is from Trinidad & Tobago and her voice separates her from any other female artist out right now. Trilla knows how to kill any beat put in front of him and together we create music which sounds different in a great way because there are no other artists who we can be compared to. We have our own style, our own sound.

Q. Advice to anyone on a similar path?

Trilla: Don’t quit.
Maxx: Quit thinking.

Social media handles:

Trilla: IG/twitter: Sirtrillaman
Maxx: IG/twitter/SC/ wordpress: Onmaxx
YouTube: OD Odyssey




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