Spotlight On: Willy Gonza!

Willy Gonza is a Jersey Native from the North Bergen area, with a genuine and supportive fan base in Hudson County New Jersey. Willy Gonza is 23 years old, and started making music in 2010 respectively for self entertainment. Willy says he’s always wanted to rap and began writing one day; he felt good and confident in himself, so he continued his musical voyage.

Willy began his career path as a  musician in 2014, when he began elevating his intensity for music, and creating quite a buzz for himself in the Northern Jersey area.

In 2012 Willy Gonza dropped his first project titled, “Dreams Over Everything”. The feedback he recieved kept him interested in creating more music, while also being motivated by sideliners speaking hatred and doubting his vocal talent.

Willy Gonza has a versatile sound with comparisons to Pete Nice and Post Malone. He makes what he likes to call a positive sound or feel good music, with melodies most relatable to Boom Bap mixed with trap music. “Bad Mannered” is what Willy hopes to be his future record label, where he plans to sign his friends and people he started with, before going on to sign other upcoming artists. Willy will often shout out “Bad Mannered” in his music, similar to Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang”. With 4 projects in total, and his latest mixtape dropping in 2015 titled, “Humble Beginnings”, Willy Gonza is waiting to increase his buzz before he drops anymore.

His Newest song Titled, “Mrs. Popular”, expresses Willy’s strong dislike of superficial and close minded women. He sends the message that he’d rather build with someone whose been with him while he’s on the come up, rather than being with someone who only wants him for his cash or won’t give him a chance due to his lack of cash. The song “Mrs. Popular” was released September 19th, currently with 2,000 plays on soundcloud, apple, spotify, and tidal.

For more from Willy follow him on his Instagram and Twitter @Willy_Gonza.




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