Shetrepreneurs: Krystle Coleman

Krystle Coleman is a woman of many talents and hustles. She is the founder and CEO of Midori Star Media Group, as well as being an event designer. She originally knew she had what it took to dominate the PR world in 12th grade when she noticed how well she could write. Besides being featured in Vibe and RollingOut, she has contributed great content to numerous outlets.


Q. Where are you originally from?

Detroit Michigan

Q. With so many responsibilities, how do you stay balanced?

A To Do List, Prayer, Carving out time to take care of myself , mentally , physically and emotionally. It is important to understand balance, and not feeling guilty when you take time for yourself in this industry.

Q. When did you first realize that Public Relations was your passion?

In High school in the 12th grade when I realized my main talent was writing, when I arrived at college I channeled my writing expertise into a major which was Mass Communication. From my undergrad classes and an abundance of internships.



Q. What’s your biggest difficulty in this industry?

To be honest nothing is really too difficult, everything has a solution if handled properly from the beginning. But one thing that does work my nerve on occasion with the practice of PR is the repetitiveness of it all.

Q. What could you see yourself doing if you weren’t in this field?

Full Time Magazine Writer, or Professor I love teaching and helping women understand the field, the techniques and different skill sets to getting top results within the PR industry

Q. What advice has helped shape you into the woman you are today?

Among other things, one quote that shapes my life, “Never a failure, always a mistake”. Never wear your heart on your sleeve, everything can be applied to bettering yourself, even criticism.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @krystlecoleman  Instagram:  @Midoristarmediagroup





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