Shetrepreneurs: Dayana Jiselle!

Dayana Jiselle is one of the hardest working women on the West Coast radio scene. She’s an on air personality and head of a movement she founded for female empowerment. Dayana Jiselle keeps her listeners entertained and current on B95 FM, while motivating the ladies.

You’re an on air personality, public speaker and founder of a very strong movement. Describe how you got started on the radio.

As soon as I started college, I wanted to get real world experience in the field I had chosen. I talked to my counselor and she told me I was too young (17) and not a lot of people would choose me because I was far from graduation. I left her office, sat outside under a tree and emailed every radio station in town. The PD at B95 replied the next day and we set up an appointment. Upon interviewing me, I was offered an internship. 2 years later, I began hosting the overnights.

When did your pretty hustling movement come about?

In college, junior year. Having already been working in the media industry, I saw how many girls cared so much about their outer appearance. I knew so many pretty girls with ugly personalities and decided to start a movement that would inspire women to work on their hearts as much as they do their body and face.

How is it being on radio in California, where you have such a huge following of listeners?

I can’t see myself out of Cali but I’ll God guide me wherever. I’m right in the middle of LA and The Bay, two of the biggest music making machines! I love it. In my town of Fresno, it’s fairly small so it’s nice because my networking is pretty good. I know everyone from the mayor to the taco shop owner on my street!

Being a woman of color in the radio & entertainment industry can be tough, what advice or moments helped shape you?

Not having a role model in the professional aspect. There wasn’t one female in the industry that I looked up to, until recently that is. That made me become my own role model and eventually one for other girls. Today, I look up to Karen Civil for her classiness and Nely Galan for her entrepreneurship skills.

What people have influenced you or impacted your career?

Aside from the woman mentioned above, God. Solely God. The youth too. The youth motivates me because at the end of the day, they are who are consuming everything that the media is putting out. My ultimate goal is to work with the youth, I use music as my gateway to them because they’re listening.

Is there any advice you’d give a female currently grinding and wants to do radio?

Don’t wait on anybody to give you a chance. Don’t wait until someone hands you a mic. Start your own online show, create your own website, start your own podcast, plan your own event. Believe in yourself before you get others too.

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