Exclusive Interview + Mz. Skittlez!

Mz.  Skittlez is a woman that takes on many tasks. She’s an author, business woman and entrepreneur. After using music as her outlet, she soon discovered that her real passion was in clothing. Since then, she has used her talent and made a creative clothing line called Cupcake Mafia, which is all about girl power and attitude. Check it out!


Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Cleveland Ohio. If you make it from Cleveland, you can make it anywhere.

When did you realize music was your passion?

I believe I was 6 years old. I was picked to be in a singing competition and surprisingly I won! I was so excited from that moment on I used it as my outlet to express myself. Music was my form of expression until 2012 when I found my love for expressive clothing and created Cupcake Mafia.

 What are some of the inspirations for your clothing?

I want to create a movement through clothing. I want girls to feel empowered when they wear Cupcake Mafia. Our brand has united so many girls from all over the world and created long lasting friendships. Friendships is a huge part of our collection we base a lot of our designs around Best Friends. Inspiration for my collection comes from all over but it all reflects our mission, which is uniting the world together one girl at a time.

What are challenges you find being an entrepreneur?

I believe the first challenge would be finding something you actually love doing and make money from it. Most people are too scared to take faith and quit their 9-5 and actually put their full focus on running a business.  So many people just settle for an ok life because they are scared to actually find that amazing life that they will have to work hard for.  You truly have to love what you do if you can wake up every day with zero dollar in your account and still want to do it! I found my passion with Cupcake Mafia I can literally wake up every day with no money and still love it as if I was making millions. The second challenge I believe is finding someone that can guide you or mentor you from making “Thousand Dollar” mistakes.  This is the reason that I started Mymogulacademy.com I felt that entrepreneurship in the beginning is a lonely place. Your old and current friends can’t understand why you want to do it. You don’t have the money to hire a life coach. This is where my Mogul Academy comes in to not only teach but connect girls together worldwide.

What separates you from other entrepreneurs in the industry today?

What separates me from others in the Ladies Street wear field is I literally started with $300 and turned Cupcake Mafia into a multi-million-dollar brand. We have learned the art of “Staying in our Lane”! We are known for ladies’ street wear, attitude t-shirts and we have only got better year after year. I think what also separates me from other designers is that I am a bestselling author from the book, “The Icing On Top Ain’t Always Sweet.” Lastly I am not only successful in my field my dream is to help 100 other start up brands make a 100K their first year in business with Mymogulacademy.com

 If you had to give advice to a young person aspiring to create their own business, what would you say?

My advice would be find something you are in love with to make it your career. Sign up for mymogulacademy.com and learn from other people who have been where you are going. Find something that keeps you up at night thinking about it. You can’t always think about the money you are going to make because that doesn’t always come fast.  Be Passionate, give it your all, invest back into your business and never let anyone tell you NO!


Social Media Handles:

IG: @mzskittlez



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