Exclusive Interview + Bask NY!

Bask NY is hands down one of the hardest working event organizers in the tri-state. Even though they are quite new to the scene, they have had jam packed, successful parties with good vibes. I spoke to the co-founder Doogz, and got his take on how Bask came about.

 Q. Can you give a little background on what Bask is?

Victor and I Started Bask Last November. It was something we have been planning for some time, we collaborated on events in the past and realized we had chemistry.

The word Bask is timeless and reserved. You can’t just throw Bask in any sentence. It always follows a good experience or something great. Bask was created to house all our talents with that idea in mind. Victor who is my partner has a background in street wear fashion and putting together pop ups, and I myself been planning various types of events dating back to College till now. Events have been at the forefront but we are striving to become more of an overall creative hub or agency. We also assist whether individuals, brands, etc. create their own identity and experience, we handle venue bookings, as well as visuals, and marketing campaigns

Q. How did Bask come about?

This was something we been playing with maybe 2-3 months before we actually started, but came together pretty quickly. Bask is just honestly a dope name that can stand the test of time and we want to create an experience that fits. We realized NYC doesn’t offer much outside of the club arena for an affordable price and accessible to everyone. We used to but, things have changed and it seems there are more things to due outside of NYC. Like the city lost juice. So we are trying to bring back that type of environment where you can party in a beautiful loft or Dope warehouse, or even go to a performance event in a retail store.  

Q. What have been some of Bask’s biggest moments thus far?

Honestly we had a lot in my mind big moments, most recently was our collaboration with G Star Raw in Williamsburg. They allowed us to come in and put together a performance event, it was such a great experience. Had lines around the store and everything. Really felt like a twist to the underground scene. Having artist performing in that specific G Star location was huge because the two events prior were done by Combact Jack who is like one of Hip Hops OG. The other event was Pharrell’s, an icon. The success of National Patron Papi Day was cool too, definitely going to bring that back again next summer. 

Q.Will Bask expand or remain in NY only?

As of right now we want to focus on building our NYC following up, it feels too soon to go out further, like we really want all 5 boroughs rocking with us. We have already had attendees from from Baltimore, Philly, CT, so the interest is there but really important to hold down the fort and build NYC. Especially because there are so many other NYC groups, brands, etc. that we still haven’t collaborated with. But we have been in talks of going out to CT. Of course taking it on tour is ideal like the big names that came before us, maybe we would do like 1 tour and then bring it back to and NY only type shit.

Q.Any goals or expectations within the next year for Bask?

 Yeah so November would technically be our 1 year anniversary so we are working on planning something for that, either a party or performance event but definitely going to be something exclusive and really fun. Working on the website. Then after that BASK NYE which is our New Years Party where we offered Open Bar of Patron to everyone for the low lol. We killed it last year but we going to need bigger location and more Patron.  We expecting to honestly keep building on top of what we have so far, keep the events fun and safe. Be more creative, build relationships, and get everyone to Bask. 

Check it out: http://www.basknewyork.com/videos/2016/3/28/bask-x-surf-presents-march-madness-glo-party


Social Media Handles:

James “Doogz” McDonald

@Doogiedoesit Twitter/Instagram



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