Exclusive Interview + NiteShine!

NiteShine is definitely one of the hardest working artists I’ve seen in this industry. With so much praise and feedback on his latest EP ‘Fame’, you are definitely in for a treat. While fans and listeners only know the artist from their music, get to know NiteShine on a more personal level. Also take a listen to ‘Fame’ available on iTunes.


Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?

My name is Michael Woodall, but of course, I go by the name of NiteShine. I’m a songwriter and hip hop artist based out of Central New Jersey. I am one of the artists signed to a Central Jersey-based independent record label, Let’s Roll Records, based out of Piscataway, NJ. I’m basically an artist trying to share my stories & experiences with the world. You know… Give a different outtake on life today, through my eyes.

I was born in Missouri on an army base; Basically, an army brat raised in a couple of different areas until my family and I moved back to the Piscataway/Plainfield area and that’s where I currently live.

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

Music has been in me since I was a child. I grew up in the church, and still have a lot of ties to it because of my family life. So I was exposed to different types of music, including gospel, at an early age. From then on, I’ve dipped my foot in a number of different styles of music over the years; that’s helped me to build the versatile sound I have today. I sing and rap; doing both comes from me being exposed to different environments throughout my childhood and adulthood.

Q. What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?

What a great question! Some of the challenges I have faced as an artist, are still the challenges I face today in my journey to make it to my peak, and will still be the challenges I face in the future, once I make it to my full potential. Inspiration to write my material comes second nature to me; I find inspiration every where in my life. So that actually is a comfortable area for me. A previous challenge for me would have been finding my exact sound and learning to use my voice the correct way to produce the sound I want. My sound is distinct, and that took a bit of time to find. Now that I have it, I can do so much more and spread out my catalog of work, from working with different styles to working with different people! I would say… Getting on is a challenge these days! Everyone is making music and I want my music to never be placed in the same category as anyone else. So.. Finding the right lane to make it to the top in… And staying there once I get there…

Q. What separates you from other artists?

I would say… Hmm. We will go back to my sound. My voice/sound is distinct. When I am on a song, you know it’s me, whether singing or rapping. It’s a certain tone that people can identify. I sound like me. No one else. Another thing, could my method of creating too… How I write and format my music… It’s a freestyle mostly… I don’t actually have a solid verse or hook until I get into the studio.. I like to just let it flow from within me. I like to let the beat speak to me. Another thing that separates me… My logic within my music… What I make music about ACTUALLY happens to me. So my everyday life can literally be told to you in a song at any time with nothing made up for forced about it. My logic is very different from anyone’s, and you can see that in my music…

Q.  Advice to other artists on the same path as you?

Advice? To anyone following a dream, not even just a musician or artist or whatever… NEVER GIVE UP! Even if someone tells you you shouldn’t stay on the path you are to achieve your dreams… Don’t listen to them! Follow your dream! Follow your heart! Stay confident in what you do and who you are! And always look to grow and learn from every situation in your life. No one else is like you. You do things the way you should do them.

Q.  Top Inspirations?

My top inspirations would have to be some of the greats of this era in rap/hip hop music. Jay-Z? No words man… He has to be on everyone’s list! I’m also a huge Lil’ Wayne fan… Old Weezy & new Weezy… I get the soul and harmony and melodic sound in my music from my background in church. Man, listening to the inspiration in gospel music? Gets me every time… Brings me back to my base. And I find the soul in that sound every time I hear it…

Any social media handles?

So… I’m heavy on social media.. You can find me on:

         Twitter: @Nite_Shine

        Facebook: Nite Shine Letsroll

        Instagram: @niteshine

My project, ‘FAME…Is Fa-Me’ just dropped in May. You can find that on all digital sites: ITunes & Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, & Soundcloud. Just type in NiteShine and everything will come up. I just recently dropped a video to one of the most popular tracks on my tape, ‘Right Here’ and you can find that on YouTube. Just type in ‘NiteShine’ as well and will come up… I’m also out here, promoting my music, doing interviews and shows in the tristate area too! So hit me! Other artists! If anyone wants to work, email me – niteshinebiz13@gmail.com or contact my manager directly!


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