Books For Ghana! Interview + Shonte Smith

Shonte Smith has created an initiative to send books to Ghana. At first it was a goal of 500 books, then 1,000.. now she plans to send 3,000. This not only has been her vision for the last year, but she plans to send books yearly.

“When I was in Ghana, I met with a young lady. I was telling her how smart I thought she was.”

Shonte says this is the start of how she discovered Ghana’s need for school books. Speaking to the young girl, Shonte learned that the campus only had 150-170 books available.

“She said she could only read the books on campus.”

This sparked Shonte to start up a drive that would send books to students and allow them to have access to a larger catalogue. As she collects books from all over, she says that she stores them in different places until its time to send them off, which will hopefully be in September.

“One thing I can say I’ve learned is to be confident.”

Check out the full interview on my SoundCloud:

Contact Shonte directly and on social media handles:

IG: @books4ghana

Email: shontedenisesmith



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