Exclusive Interview + Author Safiya Sierra

Safiya Sierra is an entrepreneur and author paving her own lane in the world of female empowerment. She recently penned a manual called Elite Hoeism: The Manual. She speaks at panels and forums sharing her wisdom and debunking double standards and stereotypes in the process. The gorgeous author opened up to The Pink Pen about what ‘hoeism’ means and the feedback she’s gotten from men who read the book.


Can you give a little background on where you’re from and what you do?

I’m from a city many call “the lost borough”, Yonkers. I’m the creator of the brand Elite Hoeism; it’s a lifestyle brand created to abolish double standards, motivate, and empower young women as well as bring them together using literature, workshops, forums, etc. I am also an author and just released my book Elite Hoeism: The Manual.

What or who influenced you to begin writing?
I’ve had a passion for literature for as long as I can remember. I owe a lot of it to my mom, she’s been a huge bookworm my entire life and always encouraged me to read, keep journals, and things like that. She taught me the power of using my brain and my words since I was young and it stuck with me. 
I used to write draft blog entries and short stories but I was afraid of criticism and never put them out. I had a really strong support system, two of my close friends, who pushed me to start putting my work out into the universe.
According to you, what is ‘hoe-ism’?
I actually use the term “hoeism” as a play on words and a warning of sorts. My brand and book simultaneously encourage women to go after what they want both business and personal, exercise their rights to say and do whatever they desire, and totally disregard double standards. Unfortunately society places negative labels, “hoe” being one of the more common ones, on this type of woman; the name Elite Hoeism is a play on that.
As a female, what kind of feedback or reception have you gotten from males after writing this book?
I’ve gotten mixed feedback from men actually. I’ve definitely had men purchase the book wanting insight on “how women think” and letting me know that it was informative.  I’ve also had backlash from men who believe that double standards are “law” and can’t understand the desire for a woman to take a stand against them. Most of the negative feedback has come from men who haven’t read the book and have a misconception about my message.
What was your initial goal or vision for writing this book?
Through my book I hope to help women gain the confidence to invest in their own happiness regardless of societal guidelines. My vision is to have a whole “cult” of elite women who have all connected with my message come together to build friendships, business relationships, and motivate each other.
As a female entrepreneur, what advice do you give other young women on their grind?
Dive in headfirst. That was the best advice given to me during my transition into entrepreneurship, let go of your fear and dive into whatever it is you want to achieve.
What are the best social media handles to purchase your work and keep up with you?
My manual can be purchased at www.EliteHoeism.com, you can also keep up with EH events on the site. My twitter and Instagram handles are both @prettylow_

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