Spotlight On: JAYEL!

An American R&B/Pop Artist, Dancer and Songwriter hailing from the Garden State (New Jersey,) Jayel started performing for her family and friends at the tender age of 6 years old. Now a multi-faceted artist, her musical career is a combination of music, fashion, media, and art. Her career growth has led her to performances at local concerts, showcases and events.

Like most artists, Jayel proves to be multi-dimensional not only in music but also in dancing and modeling. Her ear for precise melodies makes it seamless to apply to her musical endeavors, which prove her undoubted strength in writing and composing songs. With her indisputable skill set, she has been afforded to work on projects with artists such as Jay-Z, Fabolous, NE-YO and M.O.P.

How did you begin your singing/rapping career?
I began to follow this passion to entertain at a very young age. Singing every last song by Aaliyah, 3LW, Destiny Child + more with my 2 older sisters in our Laundry room. I remember coming up with the routines and yelling at my sister whenever they will try to get out of our rehearsals, LOL and they will always say “But J…what are we practicing so hard for? We’re not actually performing this in front of anyone.. I remember always saying “One day we will” … Destined! 
My First big gigs were being on set with Fabulous: When I Feel Like it (Music Video) + JayZ : Picasso (Music Video) I’ve done multiple hip hop magazines such as Straight Stuntin followed by a interview with Della Crews from News 12 NJ for a Beauty Segment,
After being on set of music videos, i started to network a lot more. I met up with Fabs Producer DROC to record my first song “YA ROCK!” From there, came now…
Is it hard pursuing modeling, music and fitness?
Hard? of coursssssse? Would I give up? HECK NO! Will it become easier? Now thats funny lol. 
When you truly want something, you go after it! When you’re focused on your Goal, Obstacles are non existent. I look at every situation that don’t go my way, as a way, to create my way. Every experience, situation, heartbreak or denial are the leading steps to your new beginning or your lesson. PAY ATTENTION.
Where do you see yourself and your career in the next year?
I see myself on Big Stages, I see my face on every billboard, i hear my voice across the world…and i feel confident about that.. I see big things. Let’s leave it at that  and allow God to Continue to work. #Godifence 
What are some of the biggest challenges as not only an artist, but a female artist?
One of the biggest challenges as a Female Artist is allowing your Logic to come before your Passion. Meaning, thinking twice, Its one thing to be a Female living life within your community, but theres another level  of Being a Female Artist, someone who’s constantly being watched and tested and making sure your words / energy/ attitude / stubborns ways don’t clash with your Business. We sometimes make decisions based on emotions, In this field, there’s no room for that. Be strong! And don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary thoughts and feelings. 
Another Challenge is being taking seriously. This industry is male dominated. They  have gotten so use to Woman following the Dream of becoming a Singer/Rapper/Model for materialistic things/ instant fame so they’re constantly attempting to manipulate / distract you from your Goal. STAY FOCUSED and STAY ready, so you’ll never have to get ready. Know what you want before you open your mouth or your heart to something. Want it for the reasons that will make you greater and be great at doing it! Some may not understand or see your vision, but as long as you stay connected to your Vision, you are creating  a way to make them understand. Lead by Example, Lead with Confidence and Lead with Strength .
Another thing, sometimes its not “you” that they don’t support..It’s the knowing that someone just “like them” can be so great at something by following the Gift and the Light from within. Some haven’t reached that level of internal understanding, It’s not your Job to be upset or to throw any shade back, i suggest that you move forward and be the example of “I CAN DO IT AND SO CAN YOU.”
What advice do you want to give young females on the same path as you?
“Obstacle are things you see when you take your eyes off the Goal..No one can do what you do and don’t you dare attempt to do what they do.. Dig deep within yourself and follow that spark that makes you feel “ALIVE”.. When you’re on your way to do something great, and your anxiety starts to build up, take a breath and think about the end result. If you can save yourself from saying things that will haunt you in the future, DO IT! This industry will either Discover,Make, Brake or Destroy you. Let’s strive for greatness with every conversation we have, the things we post online or just reaching out to someone to encourage them.
It may seem like you’re doing the same thing over and over again and not getting the results you want, but in all actuality you’re carving and building your Empire and that takes time,effort,mistakes blood sweat and tears. Nothing is easy, but its worth it all!!! BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE! YOU POPPIN MA lol -Jayel




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