Spotlight On: Louie Luggage

This interview by far, is probably one of my favorites. Mostly because rapper Louie Luggage isn’t a typical rapper but more so an artist. He takes pride in his work and has a strong work ethic to match. All rappers want to be seen as ‘different’ and ‘unique’, but Luggage executes that effortlessly.

What’s your name?

I go by the name Luggage aka Louie Luggage. I got the first name from my daddy and Luggage was some thing that just fit me well for being a fly young dude and staying above every one else musically.
How long have you been rapping?
I been rapping as far as I can remember. Since i could speak words i think i been rhyming. I started to record music when i was 13-14. The usual story me and my friends, a raggedy basement, a cheap radio shack mic and a old ass computer but we made the greatest memories which was and will always be my favorite part of it all.
What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?
The biggest challenge for me has to be trying to get people to notice the talent behind my music and just difference from me to what they become a custom to in this day and age. I have a old hip hop soul I’m trying to mix what i know with what is new today and give people something timeless. That can be a little difficult being how styles change so quickly. Its a challenge but its one i love.
What separates you from other artists?
 I think what separates me from a lot of artist once again would have to be that I’m just an old hip-hop soul. I love that boom-bap, I miss that today in hip hop. I love the way the styles change don’t get me wrong but for me one thing that will always play a major role is lyrics and your lyricism i think a lot of artist these days sacrifice there lyrics for a catchy tune even if its just gibberish. That’s never going to be my style i will forever make these lyrics as hard hitting and clear as can be.
What advice would you give an artist on their grind right now?
My advice to other artist would simply be this, if any one ever told you that you couldn’t do something and they them selves are not there to physically stop you, why believe anything they said in the first place. People will always try to steer you in a direction they see fit for you, but nobody else know whats best for you besides you. If this is something you want to put your all in then you take that leap, sacrifice it all, and if you work and work hard just like with anything else you do in life, you will succeed!
Who or what are some of your inspirations?
I’m most inspired by the musicians I’m around everyday. The upcoming artist from my city, and the artist on my team. These are the ones I see everyday, I know them. I know their stories, I familiarize with them, we go through a lot of the same things. These are the guys I look up to and get my inspiration from.
Social Media Handles:
You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @LLLuggage
Check out my latest single “Everyday” produced by Bruce Wayne beats
“Still one” music video
“Katana” music video




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  1. Titi Evy says:

    Keep reaching to your goals. Ypu sound great. Titi Evy is so proud of you. I love you. Your daddy would be so proud of you. Looking and act just like the man that gave you live. God bless you always. To your success in your life of music.


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