Shetrepreneurs: Founder/CEO of Emerge Brand Building

With such a busy schedule, Jareyah is constantly lining up events for her clients, staying on top of her studies at Howard University or working. As the founder and CEO of Emerge Brand Building, she’s responsible for getting fresh talent to the right ears. Being a businesswoman, student and juggling a full time job is NOT easy, yet Jareyah makes it work. While traveling back and forth from New Jersey to DC, this PR maven has worked with all sorts of music professionals including Musiq Soulchild (now known as The Hustle). Get to know a little bit about this boss and what makes her a Shetrepreneur.

How long have you had your own business?

July 21st will make one year since I launched Emerge

What challenges do you face owning your own business?

I think the biggest challenge would be balancing my business with school as well as a full time job. I’ve had to make some tough decisions as far as my career and commitments, but in the end its all shown to be very much worth it and just a part of growing.

What goals do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

Within the next year I hope to have put my clients in the best position to maximize their growth within the industry, as well as myself. Senior year is here, I’m ready to make some more moves and ensure I leave Howard on the best path to success.

What advice would you give young ladies on a similar path as you?

JUST DO IT. I spent a lot of time contemplating and ultimately doubting myself. Once I put all my reservations to the side and went for it, it was well worth it. If you feel as though this is what you want to do, go for it and give it your all, everything will fall into place.

Top 3 inspirations (People or things)

My Mother: Everyday I’m thankful for my upbringing and the values she’s instilled in me. She’s molded me into the woman I am today and given me the tough skin I need to make it in the industry. Not to mention she’s my biggest supporter.

My Sister: She’s the smartest, most dedicated person I know. All my life I’ve watched her fight and put her all into what she loves and its paid off time and again. I can only hope to be half as passionate about what I love as she is, and I still wholeheartedly believe no one can see her on the court.

Fulfillment – I want to reach a point in life where I feel as though I’ve done or am doing what makes me happy and what I’m meant to do. I want to feel as though all my hard work has paid off and I’m living life to my greatest potential.

Social media names/address to find you:

Personal Handles:

Instagram: @jareyah.b

Twitter: @jareyahb


Business Handles:


Twitter: @emergebb



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  1. Carmen says:

    I love her story. Great questions and answers….. GIRLS ROCK!!!!


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