Shetrepreneurs: Touch By MonicaB

As we become more modern and acclimated with self expression and independence, women in particular have become extremely familiar with ‘pleasure parties.’ These parties are usually hosted by adult toy vendors, where many women gather and discuss the perfect toys for themselves, as well as purchase them. In this day and age, women have grown to not only love themselves but to also satisfy their own needs. Monica has been the founder and owner TouchByMonicaB for a little over four months now, and has already seen its success and support from her happy customers.


How long have you had your own business?

My official launch for TouchByMonicaB was 2/6/16.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is the internet!!  People think ordering off the web is better as it’s more discreet and cheaper.  My in-home parties is a time where women get together and bond; share laughs and stories; share experiences and learn some new tricks.  There’s nothing like a “Girl’s Night In” with some nice cocktails and being introduced to some interesting “toys” is just what every woman needs (in a relationship or single)

Where do you see yourself and your business in the next year?

Within the next year, I want to be doing virtual parties as well as in home parties. Also growing my team, I’ve already signed on one consultant and looking for more.

What advice would you give young women on the same path as you?

My advice to any young lady is know your worth and only give to those that are worthy of it.  Education is not only something you learn in school but living life is also a great form of education, so never STOP learning.  AND finally be bold, courageous and DON’T SETTLE cause with a determined mind, the sky is the limit!!

What are your top inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is my daughter. My husband as he provided me the means to start my business. Finally my family and friends as they are the ones that encouraged me and have been my best customers (wink wink)!

Social media to find you:

You can find me on Facebook: TouchByMonicaB or email me at


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  1. Discreetly happy! says:

    Classy!!!! I would by her products. She makes enjoying pleasurable moments fun with friends. Some women may be shy and afraid to ask questions. In an intimate setting your conversations are safe. Thanks for the share!


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