Introducing: Naj!

As an artist, you always want your fans and supporters to see where you came from and the struggles you face. Naj has music for every single one of his fans to relate to and get to know where he comes from. With musical influences like Jay-Z, Naj says that he too can relate to hustling and coming from the projects. As he delivers these triumphs through his songs, get to know a little bit about this artist.


What were some of your inspirations with your most recent project?
One of my inspirations for my most recent project was J. Cole Friday Night Lights…I started working on this mix tape during my last two semester in college.  On my way to school I would listen to Friday Night Lights and on my way home I would work on my own music. Although me and Cole have completely different styles, I admire his artistry. His music helped me get through the most challenging period of my life.
What are some of your music influences?
My biggest musical influence is Jay-Z. I compare myself to Hov on a daily basis because we have so much in common. He’s from the projects and I’m from the projects, he sold crack in the hallway and I too sold crack in the hallway. He made positive dramatic changes in his life and I’m striving to be a positive role model.
Biggest challenge you face in this industry?
The biggest challenge I face in the industry is how to distribute my music. Should I give it out for free on Sound cloud to strengthen my fan base? Or should I release it on iTunes for profit.
What separates you from other artists?
Being an engineer as well as and artist is not simple task while most artist are focused on there lyrics and delivery I’m more concerned with how this sounds.
What is some advice to anyone on a similar path as you?
My advice to everyone whether your an artist or an aspiring nurse when you do what you love everyday feel like a vacation
Social media links?
Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter:  Naj_mcxv

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