Spotlight On: Christina Bright!

I had the opportunity and honor to interview one of my favorite bloggers and social media mavens: Christina Bright aka Chris Miss. She has presented a number of charitable events as well as motivational panels. Aside from being born and raised in Newark, NJ like myself, she has used social media as a platform to share information on parenting, daily life and insight. With so many positive projects on the horizon and in motion, Chris has made it clear that she has a purpose. As she says, “everyone has a purpose, and only by doing the work within themselves will they be able to find and fulfill that purpose.”

How long have you had your own blog/motivational platform?

I’ve had a blog for a few months and have used my Instagram as a motivational platform for about 3 years now.

What are some challenges that you face?

I’m currently juggling and working on being a creative and still maintaining structure. I’ve always been a free spirit, but I’m starting to realize how important and necessary structure is!


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What are some goals for the next year?

I want to start a podcast and continue to produce important, creative content. I see myself writing, and producing for film and television so I’m beginning to manifest those things. I also want to travel abroad for a few months!

What advice would you give young females on a similar path?

Don’t be afraid to not have it all figured out. Have faith. Be self-aware. Keep people in your circle that can be honest with you and who inspire you to be better. Don’t wait to get to a certain point to enjoy…enjoy life every step of the way!

Social media to find you:

 IG: @ChrisMiss_

Youtube: Everyday Is Chris Miss

SnapChat: ChrisOnFleek




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