Shetrepreneurs: Jane Ifegwu

Young entrepreneurs are taking over, especially young female entrepreneurs. Jane Ifegwu does it all. Ever since her Junior year in high school, she has successfully ran her own hair braiding business along with a clothing line. Alongside her sister, she has invested time, money and energy to make a brand and name for herself.

Jane Ifegwu
Instagram: m4rryj4ne
Snapchat: ezinna


Q. How long have you had your own business?
I’ve been running my own business for about 4 years now, ever since I was a junior in high school. I ran a hair braiding business with my sister and my own fashion clothing line.
Q. What are some challenges you face?
As a young business woman  some challenges I faced owning my own business, was being able to handle being a full time student, having a job, while trying to make time to work on my craft. Not only that but also the financial situations I found myself in. Being a designer and having your own clothing line requires a lot of investment, time and money. Which I did have but not enough to really get me were I wanted to be . With the help of my family and friends everything is falling into place .
 Q. What are your plans for the next year?
Within the next year I have very big plans for my clothing line Ezinne. I am working on some new and exciting things for this summer 2016. Launching my new website where you can view and purchase all of my new design,s from all seasonal collections. Look out for the new Ezinne Summer collection.
  Q. What advice would you give females on a similar path?
One piece of advice I would give to the young business women out there is to have knowledge about what ever it is you want to achieve, come up with different strategies as to how you can achieve this goal, and to execute to your fullest potential.
 Q. Top 3 Inspirations?
Culture, shapes (the structure of things), and Solange Knowles are my top 3 inspirations.

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