Feli Fame Movie Release: Everything Starts From Now

The Feli Fame movie release was definitely one to be remembered. Aside from meeting the incredible cast and crew, I was able to speak with the lead actress Adrienne, and rap artist/man of the hour Feli Fame.


Adrienne Chappell can be seen in the film Everything Starts From Now, but also in a number of shoots and recently a music video for ‘Everything Be Lit’. As she expands and pursue acting, she says that “she’s chasing her dream.”

Q. What were some of the challenges making this film?

Some of the challenges were portraying someone in an abusive relationship, only because I’ve never been in one. So I tried to get into the moment, like how would someone in an abusive relationship feel.

Q. What separates you from other actresses?

I’m a very funny person, I just try to go with how people would feel. You can read a script but you can’t make someone feel.

Q. Do you have any advice to young actresses?

Study. Don’t let anyone tell you what you want to do or can’t do. I had family tell me I should do this and that but it wasn’t my dream, I’m chasing my dream and hopefully it goes down the right path.

Social media

IG: a.class_

FaceBook: Adrienne Chappell




I also had the chance to speak with artist Feli Fame, and get  little background on his inspiration and purpose of the film.

Q. What were some of the biggest challenges filming?

Biggest challenge making the film was making sure everyone was on time. Other than that everything was pretty smooth.

Q. What/who are one of your inspirations?

Definitely Ice Cube. He’s one of my biggest inspirations, I’m basically following his footsteps in what he did, getting all his people into his movies. Master p also.

Q. What separates you from other artists?

I would say all around work ethic. I try to get other peoples dreams going, no matter what I’m doing I try to pull other people into it. I try to give everyone a chance to be seen.

Social Media:

IG: felifame

Big Thanks to BobbySinat and Selma for making everything possible.

@bobbysinat @selbreezy




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