Shetrepreneurs: Amber Chaisson

Everyone needs that motivation or push to keep them going. Whether it’s that promotion you really want, or if it’s simply the motivation to get up and exercise. Do you follow the right motivators on your social media? Amber Chaisson is truly a positive beam of light, that speaks life into everything on her social media.

Q. How long have you owned your own business?
I have been in business for myself since the age of 17, when I graduated high school and began working for Research In Motion, better known as BlackBerry, the telephone manufacturer. At that time I began working on a manuscript for a relationship guide for young girls, and I incorporated my first DBA for a children’s party company, all happening as I began to think like an entrepreneur. This led me to look into franchise options and ways to break away from corporate America and truly work for myself. By nature I was always a writer, and had a mature take on life, so my passion for music and writing led me into songwriting. This journey led me all the way to pursue a professional music career in the music capital of the south, Atlanta, GA. I left Dallas,TX at the age of 21, coming to Atlanta, on a one-way ticket with a clear vision, ready to execute all the dreams I had carved out in my head.
Q. What are some of the challenges you face?
Being your own boss comes with its beautiful ups and painful downs, as anyone who works for themselves knows. I face many challenges day to day, but the biggest challenge is always time management, and accountability. Everything in life is dependent on these two very crucial factors and I’ve learned that from living in a city such as Atlanta. Being an author, and active member of the music industry, you have to be flexible on the schedules of others, not to include yourself. You have to be so organized that you become your own assistant. You have to hold yourself accountable for time, order, and everything that your livelihood is dependent on when you work for yourself. You have to be willing to sacrifice sleep, personal time, and even relationships in order to get to where you want to be in life. There is a lot that can be learned when you live in a metropolitan city with over 5 million other people, such as being ahead of time due to traffic, or handling business via teleconference in order to get things handled in the same manner they would in person. These simple little nuances have to be factored into your life as a business owner, and understanding that seeing your success takes time.
Q. What are some goals you hope to accomplish in the next year?
The main 3 goals that I hope to accomplish within the next year is successfully launching my first book, How To Find Yourself Wherever You Are with book retailers online and in stores, successfully launching my brand The Amber Affect globally, and introducing the world to my music as a vocalist and songwriter.
Q. What advice do you have for females on a similar path as you?
The number one advice I can give to young ladies working towards their careers and goals, whether it be personally or professionally, is to keep pushing, keep going, and define your life by your own rules. This is your journey, this is your race, this is your life, you are the champion of your life at all times. No one can define your definition of success or happiness but YOU! If being a wife and mother is your goal, or owning your own business is what you want, you can do that! It’s your world, paint it with the colors that make you happy and always follow your heart!
Q. Top 3 Inspirations?
My top 3 inspirations are Beyoncé Knowles Carter, because of her poise, her work ethic, and her incredible strength as an entertainer and global icon. She has blazed the path for women to be whatever and whoever they want to be! I look up to President Barack Obama for his amazing service to this country as our Commander in Chief for 8 strong, enduring years. The barriers that he broke as the first appointed African American president speaks unsurmountable volumes, and will never be forgotten as long as my generation, and the generation to come lives. And lastly, I look to my mother Romona, for strength, example, and inspiration. If it weren’t for her bringing me into this world, I would not be here living my dreams and sharing my story with the world. She has endured the highest and lowest points of life with me, and I am forever thankful and grateful for her and everything that she has contributed to my life.
Social Media To Find You:
Instagram – @theamberaffect  – Twitter – @theamberaffect – Gmail –

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