Spotlight On: Ashley Delamode!

I couldn’t wait to interview this lovely lady from the UK! Not only is she on her grind, but she is motivated to stay on her A game. Going back and forth between the U.S and London, she is major in the radio game. Ashley De La Mode is a make up artist, journalist and media personality all in one!  Not only is she a hustler, she has awesome advice for other ladies on the same path.

Q. On a day to day basis, what does your day consist of?

I’m a single mother suffering from Kidney failure. So my day is pretty much busy. I have to juggle my illness, being a mother and owning my business. When I get the chance I rest as much as I can. But working in the field that I do, I always have something to do. There’s always a conference call, a meeting or a traveling business venture.



Q. Why is female empowerment important to you?
I believe in unity, I strongly recommend females to work together on a better level only because it will elevate one another. I believe that we rise by lifting each other. Within the beauty and  entertainment industry, many fear the unity factor because they think it will dampen their success or slow their growth. However they’re doing just that – not working with one another. Because someone always knows something you don’t.
Q. What are some goals you hope to accomplish this year?
This year I’m hoping to get my kidney so I can be healthier. I’m hoping to successfully produce the Ashley De La Mode show, which is a lifestyle, entertainment and beauty interview show.
And I’m hoping to help many more indie artists by providing them with media status and having them featured on my radio show on Be100radio and my TV show.
Q. What are some items you MUST have daily?
On a daily basis I must have my phone, only because I enjoy taking pictures or I must say selfies. I adore taking selfies! Makes me wonder what I was doing before the front face camera!?
I must always have a lip gloss or pretty colored lipstick.
I always have a notepad to write my ideas down.
Q. Best advice to young women on the same path as you?
You must take risks. Don’t fear the outcome believing in the successful vision that you have. It’s not going to be easy but you must have faith in your product.
Listen to your own voice, sometimes but rarely others. You have to get up and literally just do it. No ifs, no buts, just make it happen. Cease  any opportunity and turn them into great memories. You may never get the same chance again so always be aware and ready. Everyday is an audition, every person you will meet is a potential investor and everyone else is your audience.
And finally pray, meditate and ask for clarity and guidance.
Social media to find Ashley:

Ashley De La Mode

Celebrity Makeup Artist
Entertainment/Beauty Journalist
International Broadcaster

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