Introducing… Smoove Papito


Q. Who you are/where you’re from?

$moovePapito/Illtown USA, East Orange, NJ

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

I started rapping as a little kid just playing around with it, joking around, regular fun shit. Never really took it serious. Spent 2 years @ South Carolina State & was still playing around free styling over beats with homies for fun. Came home & started rapping. Now I’m here….

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Next year I see myself as the real deal…. Shows all over the place shaking shit wherever I go, music on the radio…. Recognition for what I’m doing. I see myself with the elites! By next year when Jersey artist or artist on the come up from anywhere, they mention $moovePapito.



Q.  Advice to other artists on the same path as you?

Stay true to yourself & do you.

Q.  Top inspirations?

I get inspiration from a lot of different places. My main place for inspiration comes from family and friends in my life that’ve passed away or are either locked up. It seems like since they’re not here, I have to do my best to be great and live it up for them. I lost a brother Slim Bz (LL$B 4ever) last year after a performance & it really changed me… That was one friend I could honestly say that let me know that I’m going to be something with this music thing one day. So for all my people in my life that I’ve lost, especially him & his mom who also is gone(LLMB), I gotta get right! Plus all my family & friends that believe in me and want to see me make it. I feel like I owe it not just to myself, but to them as well. And I got em!

Q. Social media/addresses to find you




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