Rising artist Rico made his debut in 2014 when he released Stick To The Plan. Not only was everyone feeling it, but it inspired him to continue making more lit tracks and visuals. I was honored and eager to interview Rico after seeing his performance for Music Matters. He is more than ready to put Jersey on the map.

Q. Who are you/where are you from?

I’m Rico from The Garden State , Irvington my Hometown til I came to Union. Im a Young Rising Stars(YRS) & that’s my team & so is EverythingLit(ETL)

Q. When did you begin rapping?
I ain’t really start rapping seriously until last year , I always had a thing for rap cuz I was always freestyling wit the homies. But I finally recorded my first track “Stick to the plan” like late 2014 & people liked it & made me wanna work harder & get better.
Q. What challenges do you face as an artist?
My challenges are just trying to keep the real love around me & the fake love away.
Q. What do you want to accomplish in the next year?
In the next year if I’m not already Realized as the hottest rapper coming outta Jersey , I’m gonna at least be well on my way there.
Q. What advice do you give artists on the same path as you?
My Advice to all my Artist on the same mission is to do you & never be afraid to do you
Q. Top Inspirations?
My Top Inspiration is Tupac because he was the truth, he never let anybody or any situation he was in Define who he was.
You can follow me on IG , Twitter , & Soundcloud: @ricoyrs_

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