Introducing… Jaé Ru Bell!


Jaé Ru Bell isn’t your typical music artist. His music has a mix off jazz, rap and spoken word tied over dope beats. Right now, my favorite is ‘Cocaina’, which can be found on his Soundcloud. Jaé is definitely an artist you can vibe to, and appreciate with his relaxed and cool style.

Q. Who you are/where are you from?

The names Jaé Ru Bell a artist from New Jersey. Creating strictly for the cool, calm, creative.

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

I began rapping around middle school. A rapper dissed me during lunch and kind of embarrassed me. Never thought about rapping after i wrote some rhymes to battle him then next day.

Q. What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?

The challenges I face is just linking with people. I am a introvert, extrovert only when need be or comfortable. It’s weird, so meeting people is cool it’s just everything after it. I rather wallow in my solitude and just create.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next year?

I see myself being your (as in the masses) favorite soundcloud artist. I want to be the kind if artist people to take in knowing and discovering. The kind of artist you don’t share with just anyone, because you want to be the only one to know. The kind of artist you only show to a girl you are trying to impress and prove you have good taste in music. That’s where i want to be. Oh, and doing back to back shows at colleges etc.

Q. Advice to other artists on the same path as you?


Q. Top inspirations?

Benjamin Clementaine. petite women. Cafe shops. Paris. Autumn. Cinematic loveé and lust.

Social media/addresses to find you:

Or Jaehxmme via Twitter and Instagram






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