Introducing… Cony!

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Music is a form of poetry, whether you want to believe it or not. Every time you create a song, you’re creating a story. Cony has mixed poetry and rap, making him a fan favorite right now as well as an inspiration.

Q. Who you are/where you’re from?

Who am I ? Well first off I guess I can say I’m just a kid that’s still trying to figure life out , trying to understand the meaning of this world , I’m Cony™ a kid who’s been misunderstood growing up , a kid who knows what it feels like to drown in silence , you can consider me a voice for the voiceless

I speak for the ones that can’t be heard ..

I’m from Linden NJ.

but raised in a small town called


Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

Began writing poetry / music in 2011 after falling into depression due to the lost of my grandmother , the first death I’ve ever experienced . writing poetry and music honestly saved my life after dealing with suicidal thoughts and more .

singing/rapping ? :

hmm good question . I specialize in poetry mixed with urban flow , if that makes sense ? but these days I consider myself just an artist. I don’t really like to put my music in ONE category because then that puts me in a position to make only a certain type of music –  only some songs. I may be singing then on other songs I may be rapping and on other songs I may doing my poetry so yeah I guess you can say the love I have for music is just real !



Q. What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?

Challenges ? Man there’s a lot one of them are • EXPECTATIONS • – day after day I feel as though people are expecting me to blow at any moment but don’t realize it doesn’t take 24 or 48 hours to be a mainstream artist . I feel as though people don’t understand that they only see what I ALLOW them to see and don’t see the behind work. They don’t know the sleepless nights , long hour studio , how much emails that’s been sent , they just don’t know the Grind process . Another challenge is having a • GIRLFRIEND • now days these females are so insecure and are so into social media . I write music for females therefore I have a lot of female supporters but some females don’t look at it like that they look at it as ” Groupies ” or my ” Hoes ” but I just came to the conclusion that God sends someone for everybody I guess right now he knows how focus I am and really don’t have time for relations .

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Hmm .. Hopefully being nominated for a Grammy ! ! ! ! – but honestly speaking , I’m on this road trip with GOD at the moment he’s driving the car and I’m just in the front seat putting my trust in him knowing that whatever destination he choose for my craft and myself is the best destination. We all want to be big and blow but what if this isn’t what GOD has plan for us ?

Q. Advice to other artists on the same path as you?

The best advice I can give to any artist and anyone is just be YOU man .. We are currently living in a society that force us to be like everybody . I just pray we all are comfortable in our own skin and if you have a dream CHASE it – if you believe in something STAND for it . Life is too beautiful not to take risk then again .. Our biggest regrets are the risks we don’t take.

Q. Top Inspirations?

top inspiration uhh … Receiving Emails / DM’s letting me know that my music helps save a life or help someone overcome an obstacle. 3months ago I got a message from this little girl in her early teens letting me know this life has gotten the best of her and she’s been having suicide thoughts and there’s days she feels like leaving the earth and my music helps her overcome half of these obstacles she’s facing . Real music saves lives & Real music heals —- You will NEVER hear me speak about guns or gangs or drugs or violence because I DON’T live that life , I rather heal and educate through my music .



Social Media To Find You:

man listen you can keep up with me 24/7 on

Instagram – TheyScream_Cony

SoundCloud – PoetrySpeakz

Twitter- Poetry_Speakz

Facebook- Cony Cony


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