Introducing… 1KPG!


1KPG is definitely an artist that you want to listen to while turning up, getting ready for a big game or to just bump in your car. His sound is unique, and making music is in his bloodline.

Q. Who you are/where are you from?

I Go By 1KPG, Artist Out Of Lakeland Florida.

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

I Begin Rapping At 14. I Grew Up In A Household Where Music Was Being Made 24/7, I Was Motivated To Make My Own.

Q. What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?

I Don’t Really See To Many Challenges. I Just Have Fun With It A Make Music That Express How I Feel And How I Came Up. A Challenge Could Be Connected To Every Crowd.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next year?

I Have Some Plays In Motion With Some People With Power In The Music Industry, If Things Go Right I See Myself Being Well Known As An Artist.

Q. Advice to other artists on the same path as you?

Keep Grinding, Make Music That You Feel, Be Yourself.

Q. Top inspirations?

Drake, Young Thug.



Social media/addresses to find you:

IG- GoHamCamNewton – Twitter – C_Sanders3

Music Links –

Spinrilla – Property Of 1K –

Sound Cloud – TGC03 –



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