Introducing… Anthony Lucius!


Anthony Lucius is someone you would like to call a jack of all trades. Not only does he rap and sing, he’s a producer and recording engineer! Not only is that dope within itself, but he’s also a St. Louis native that is currently producing and making music in his own studio. Anthony is official and ready to take things to the next level.

Q. Who you are/where you’re from?

I’m Anthony Lucius, (rapper/singer, producer, recording engineer) I’m from the STL area. (E. St. Louis, IL) But the East Side though.

Q. When did you begin singing/rapping?

I’ve been involved with music since the age of 10. It started with just rapping and being in school choir. Learning how creative you could be with the art form was where the passion started to take shape. I recorded myself all throughout my process. Those beginning days were rough. We used my closet at my parents house and a bunch of acoustic foam with this program I don’t even remember. Doing a bunch of local shows & even a concert at my high school let me know this was something I wanted to do. I needed a fallback plan I felt like so I decided to attend Western Kentucky University & I left for school. There I developed the love behind the scenes because I wasn’t able to record myself in the dorms. I would watch videos on anything music production. Left Kentucky moved to Columbia, Missouri moved in with some homies at Mizzou. I met an engineer Will Reeves (owner of Centro Cellar Studios – Columbia, Mo) who would be one the biggest influences on what made the shift I took today. Finding out that I felt I had the talent I moved back home near St. Louis. Now I’m 23 producing/engineering my own music & helping evolve other artists’ with my production at my own studio. Went through a lot of hardships along the way but it just makes for better music. If it’s your true passion.

Q. What are some of the challenges you face as an artist?

Time management. I tend to be late to everything. Whether it be an event, show, radio interview or even hanging with my friends or family. In the studio, time seems to go at this overly fast pace. If I want to waste an hour, I start a beat. Then next thing you know I lose my whole day because I’m so lost into what I’m doing.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Away from home. I been in the midwest my whole life. So seeing the world. Reaching as many people as I can. Learning more as I go.

Q. Advice to other artists on the same path as you?

Make sure this is your passion. If this is your way of income and you start to see producing beats as “I gotta get the bag” maybe step back for a second. Realize the art you put out to world is the first and maybe the only impression you can make. Do you want to be remember as the artist who tried to challenge the one in the mirror? Or be the one who followed the trend to stay relevant. Can’t respect a culture vulture. Simply have true passion for this or overtime you’ll expose yourself. If you do, don’t wait for validation from anyone else, learn as much as you can and take off.

Q. Top inspirations?

God. Friends. Family. Michael Jackson (G.O.A.T. & we share the same birthday so it’s only right)



Social media/addresses to find you:

Instagram – anthonylucius


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