Black Arts Fest w/ Supah Dope and Samoht


Often times I see my business partner and friend Kayy Simone say she is “the voice of the underground artists.” When she says this, I know exactly how she feels. We have a generation filled with talent and potential, especially in the Arts. Whether it’s music, photography, clothing or art, we have individuals that are fierce with their craft. I continuously attend events both local and international to support those on the rise, especially those hustling on their own. In most cases, this is how artists eat, drink and breathe. As Samoht said, “this art shit is real.”

April 5th I went to the Black Arts Fest at Bloomfield College hosted by artist Supah Dope. This was our first time meeting but after seeing the event advertised I knew I had to attend and conduct an interview, or at least try to. As soon as I came, she greeted my friend and I warmly and showed us around the pop up shop. There was several sections that offered clothes, art, music and even organic soap.

Supah was extremely busy hosting and made sure everything was running smoothly; once she was able to relax for a brief second I got to know more about the artist.

Q.What is your name and what do you do?

I’m Supah Dope and I’m an artist.

Q.What is your inspiration?

Basically my inspiration is Basquiat combined with the 90s feel.

Q.Where do you plan on seeing yourself in the next year?

Being established and being seen in the art culture. Having an art gallery by the time I’m 25, which is next year.


Q.What advice do you have for females on the same path as you?

Any female out there, just stay hungry. Keep doing it, if you think its ugly just put it out there, cause they’re going to love it. Art is an expression, a feeling. Its not visual, its actually just how you feel about it.


After wrapping up my interview with Supah Dope, I checked out Samoht’s table. He’s a Jersey based photographer that travels and does some of the best photography I’ve ever seen. He shot at an event the week before and I knew I had to interview him since. Samoht has shot photos seen all over the web and is passionate about his art.



Q. How long have you been perfecting your craft?

Ive been doing what I’ve been doing for two or three years now, but on this scale I would say within the last year I really been grinding and perfecting my whole vision.

Q.What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the fact that there is a genuine appreciation for my work and concepts. my friends and family don’t understand what it is that i do exactly and all they see is how much money i make or don’t make at any given time but regardless of that, i still find myself willing to travel an hour and a half away from home with no money in my wallet based off the fact that i have faith in the people who wan to see and purchase my work and because i believe in the power of networking. for me, what i do isn’t completely about money. i do what i do to establish relationships with people and to spark meaningful dialogue. not everyone understands that but that hasn’t stopped me before and won’t stop me now.



Q. Where do you see yourself next year?

I see myself in the same spot honestly, I see myself doing the same type of shows touching the same type of people on a more lucrative scale. Showing people that this art shit is real. I feel like some people present pictures and some people present art, and I feel like I’m falling into the artist category more so than the photography category, I just happen to use my camera as a paint brush.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Photography by Samoht


You can find Supah Dope on:

IG: @supahdope

You can find Samoht on:

IG: samoht_





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