Shetrepreneurs: Get Into, GingerBeauty


When I first met Arnelle Campbell, it was at the Tea Room in Brooklyn. I was there to interview Tionna Smalls and watch her recording of “Mouth Full of Fur”. Arnelle was  doing the make up of the hosts on set, and did a phenomenal job. In the midst of laughs and commentary about the current celebrities and gossip, I was eager to find Arnelle’s social media and learn more about ‘Ginger Beauty’.

Q. How long have you had your business?

My name is Arnelle Campbell, and GINGERBEAUTY is my business! It’s been my brand for about a year and a half now, and I love her so much because she’s the biggest representation of me.

Q. What is your biggest challenge having your own business?

When venturing out doing your own thing, it gets tough. Especially when your new to the business and don’t have much of a name for yourself. Work isn’t always consistent and that’s the hardest thing cause then your scrambling for your next client/move.



Q. What is your goal for the next year?

My goal is to be seen as the artist I am. Some of the best makeup artist go unknown or seen because it’s such a huge industry based off hype instead of actual talent a lot of times. My goal is to make my mark, and let everyone know GINGERBEAUTY was here.

Q. What advice would you give females on a similar path as you?

My advice would be to practice till your eyes bleed. Nothing comes overnight, or even in a months time. It takes dedication and a real yearn to learn. If things aren’t going as great from the start don’t let it discourage you. Keep practicing your craft and educating yourself till you make it to where you want to be. You never stop learning in this industry.

Q. Top inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is Ms. Tatianna Ward, aka BEATFACEHONEY herself. Her story is so amazing and so raw. I’ve followed her since the beginning of my journey and she’s taught me so much, not only about artistry but how to remain humble and graceful while making a name for yourself.


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