Spotlight On: Orintia Daniels




‘Spotlight On’ is an introduction and background of individual supporters of the blog. I get to know females that have a clear vision and plan for their future, and their view on female empowerment. Lucky for me, I had a great person to help me on this beginning of ‘Spotlight On’. She’s a student, fashion expert and works in fashion retail. Orintia Daniels knows what she wants and is prepared for the future.

Q. What projects were/are you working on?

“There’s no greater force than the power of persistence and passion”, my passion in life is making women feel and be the best that they can be. Fashion is one of my biggest passion in life; however, the world we live in, is a world based on what other people think. Imagine before leaving the house you have to look at yourself and envision what other people might say about the way you look. Society have a way of making people feel like surgery is the way to go. But with this desire of mine I thrive on helping women be more confident and comfortable about the way they look. Throughout the years I’ve been styling family members and friends; now I’m currently working for Ann Taylor. Working for Ann Taylor have allowed me to help different types of women. I’ve come across women who came in the store depressed, they’re used to wearing dull clothing. However, when they’re ready to leave the store I make sure that they know how gorgeous they are. To further my passion in women empowerment and fashion, I’m currently enrolled at Montclair State University pursuing a degree in Marketing and a minor in Economics, in hopes of using my experience at MSU to go into the fashion and business world.




Q. Why is female empowerment important to you?

Female empowerment is very important! Not only are women finding their voices, we’re also becoming our own leaders and bosses. It took us years to have equality in our wages, and leadership, now there’s hundreds of female CEO’s in America along. It’s important for women to support other women, due to the fact that if we don’t support each other no else will. What’s amazing is that the fastest growing entrepreneurs in America, are African American Women. What I’m most passionate about is the fact that this is giving us the opportunity to evolve as an amazing group of people. African American women will not be known as the color “black”. Black is known as a color which portrays death, or emptiness. But as of now we will be taking the word back and turning it into something positive and something amazing. Black… Beautiful, Legendary, Authentic, Creative, and Knowledgeable. Now those are descriptions I would want BLACK women to know that they are indeed each and every one of those characteristics.

Q. What are inspirations for you?

My main inspiration is my future! I have to make sure that I do everything in my power to create a safe environment for my family. We’re living in a society where anything can happen at any time. So I believe that I’m placed on this earth to help people and most importantly help women. Making women look and feel confident in themselves is what my main focus is on.


IG: @tiamarie_1



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