Shetrepreneur: Makeup’s Next Up


Often times, people judge and ridicule what they don’t understand. When I was looking through Nneoma’s aka Sk1nny’s  Instagram and saw her expressive makeup, I understood her vision. Sometimes people see a different form of expression, and look at it as weird or ‘funny looking’. As the world of makeup changes, so does everyone’s taste. Although trends are running rampant among the beauty community, Sk1nny has made it clear that she will remain authentic.

Q. How long have you had your own business?
I’ve been doing makeup for about 2 years and loving every moment of it.
Q.What do you find most challenging?
Working in this industry can be difficult because it’s so competitive. Every artists individuality/ creativity is what makes their work their own. But it’s tempting to fall slave to trends when u see your favorite MUAS/ beauty bloggers on social media cutting creases with spoons and contouring with knives and tape.
Q. What plans do you have for the next year?
Within the next year I’m looking forward to expanding my clientele, working w/more photographers and models, and launching a YouTube channel.
Q. What advice do you have for females on a similar path as you?
My advice to other young ladies is to work harder than the person next to you, until there’s no one in your lane.
Q. Top inspirations (People or things)
My top inspirations are my mother, Janelle Monae, and Michelle Obama.



You can find me on IG @sk1nnyy

twitter @sk1nnyy_

For any business or bookings



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