What I’m Listening To




I’m very open to music and everything it has to offer. Whether it’s a jazzy, light melody or a very upbeat dance anthem, I’m always listening to something. From the moment I wake up, there is music playing and throughout the day I always have a song on.

Currently I am enjoying the album, ‘Ego Death’. This is a 2015 EP from the group, The Internet. I have been a fan since I heard their beginning songs like Flashlight, and as they transitioned into more cleaner beat sounds like ‘Cocaine’.

This album is DOPE in every sense of the word. I love it and find myself playing it on my way to class, work, or casually driving to do errands. If you like Tyler the Creator, you’ll love Syd and her light vocals over these melodic beats. Tyler even makes an appearance on one of the tracks delivering his lovely profanity and raw humor, like he only he can do.




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