Shetrepreneurs: Little Hooves, Big Hearts



Pony Party Bus, was founded in 2007 by a 12-year-old entrepreneur, Hayley Holzhacker. Hayley is now a sophomore in college in New Jersey. She had the determination and the true love of horses to start a very successful event entertainment business with her (2) sweet & adorable miniature horses. Pony Party Bus originated in CT and then transitioned to Southern Maine.

Q. What challenges do you face owning your own business?

  • Juggling being a full time college student, my job(s), accomplishing college level school work and running my own business is definitely a challenge, but a wonderful experience and adventure all in one. I enjoy every minute of providing a wonderful miniature horse themed pony party from start to finish! Adorable miniature horses and positive energy are components of every Pony Party Bus special event! Included in the quoted event package are 1.5 hours of miniature horse cart rides in the pink miniature horse cart, grooming, petting, and a dress-up station with “Toast!”

Q. What goals do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

  • A major goal that I have is to transition the Pony Party Bus to the New Jersey area for my junior year starting in August 2016. Additionally, I plan to expand my offerings including customized party favors, a group photo, and more!

Q. What advice would you give young ladies on a similar path as you?

  • I would say the same thing to future business owners, founders of non-profits, current business executives, and CEO’s, Determination and having an optimistic attitude are significant components to accomplishing your business goals as well as your personal goals. Stick with it! PONY PARTY BUS has been successful for numerous years because of my perseverance, entrepreneurial spirt, and adventurous perspective on life! I also have a passion that I followed which is my horses! I started a successful business with my passion and therefore succeeded in making a profit from something that I truly ENJOY!jdjdjdj

Q. Top 5 Inspirations

  1. My wonderful parents who also work in the marketing, advertising, & business related industry, Robert & Margaret Holzhacker who continuously and lovingly support me in my business ventures and expansions of the company!
  2. Shark Tank Executives and investors (Auditioned Summer 2015!!)
  3. My best friends, and New Jersey Pony Party Bus event production assistants/employees, Catherine Bialkowski and Christine Grispart!
  4. My entire family who are amazing, supportive, and kind!
  5. My miniature horses, Angel & Toast, my pony, Benjamin Moore & My mare “Layla”!

Social media names/address to find you:

  • Pony Party Bus – Facebook page
  • – business website
  • 207.838.0272 Cell Phone #

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