Shetrepreneurs: The Makeup Maven


According to the dictionary, a ‘Maven’ is described as a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass on knowledge to others. When you think of makeup, you may think of a simple task that includes a few brushes and powders. Today, the world of make up has transformed into a competitive and dynamic place where not staying updated will leave you outdated. Tanika Green has managed to keep up with the times and give her own authenticity that leaves clients coming back. She has beat faces that have graced the runway, talk shows and award ceremonies. However, she remains humble and allow her beginnings to keep her grounded and focused.

Q. How long have you had your own business? has been a registered business for 1 1/2 years. Prior to changing my business name  I went by Mirrored Image Artistry. After great thought and professional opinions I decided it would be best if I used my first and last name to brand myself moving forward.


Q. What challenges do you face owning your own business?

My biggest challenge will always be maintaining consistency. What I mean by consistency is staying ahead of my artistry, keeping up with the trends and always making sure every client is happy/satisfied as this is clearly a saturated industry. I’m always humble and that is what has helped me along the way, even thru the hard times.  #lessonalwayslearned


Q. What goals do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

PRODUCTION!!! But my biggest goal is being part of the union! Getting into the union is a very tedious accomplishment but rewarding in the end. You have to have the credibility and in order to get the credibility your name needs to be on some major projects. You will need  to have worked with the top celebrities , motion pictures, syndicated  shows,  Broadway etc.. I have faith that all of it is in my path!!



Q. What advice would you give young ladies on a similar path as you?

For starters Blend Blend Blend, blending is your friend, it’s really what determines a good application from a bad application. Stay motivated as you will run into a lot of mishaps that will sometimes make you feel as if your work is not paying off. Remember this is an artistry and there are a lot of talented artist out there but what sets you aside from the next one.

Q. Top 3 inspirations (People or things)

Now there are a lot of people that I can choose but I would prefer to choose the people who has truly truly believed in me. Karen Dupiche ,  Emmy nominated makeup artist and my mentor. Karen gives it to me raw and uncut honey! 25 years in the business she has seen and lived the transition of the makeup industry. She is from the old school yet knows the new school and I am always Johnny on the spot for Miss Ma’am. ..#teamdupiche. Marco Hall celebrity international designer and owner of MH302, 29 Halsey Street Newark NJ. Marco has become more like family, guiding me to learn the industry and clearly showing me what gets me ahead. I’ve learned and continue to learn about the Fashion and Beauty industry just constantly being in his presence and others who are like minded. Last but not least Anyah Gaffney my love. She is the reason I am a certified celebrity makeup artist. After I lost my J-O-B I felt lost, I was going to go to school to become a CSI Tech but I know I would not be able to go to school full time as I would needed to work full time so Anyah said, well what do you like to do and I immediately said “MAKEUP”. I did my research found a school and I was able to pull from our account (although we couldn’t afford it) and that’s where my story begins. I wouldnt change anything the good or the bad……my struggle was my lesson learned. Now I’m living the dream of doing what I love and getting paid for it!!!

Social media names/address to find you:

FB: Tanika Green  (one is a fan page)

IG: mirroredimage




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  1. makeup maven says:

    I am in absolute awwwww!!! Thank you baby girl!!!!


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