Reaching Your Next Level


When you have a vision, not everyone sees it. Not only that, but not everyone thinks it’s possible for you to accomplish.

One of my favorite natural-born hustlers happen to be Tionna Smalls. She’s an entrepreneur, business owner, author and reality TV star. She debuted on the Vh1 special “What Chili Wants”, helping the singer find a mate. In the midst, she delivered tough love advice and made a house hold name for herself with her straight to the point personality.

Ever since I read her self-help books, I knew she was someone I NEEDED to become familiar with. March 2016, that goal was accomplished. After driving an hour to her establishment, “The Tea Room”, I was met with warmth and openness. She answered every question I had, and even coined pieces of advice for future entrepreneurs.

In the midst, I networked and watched her film the newest episode of her web series “Mouth Full of Fur”. She discussed current hot topics and shared personal experiences alongside her fellow girlfriends.

My 2 Cents: Ignore doubters. Ignore haters. Push until you can’t anymore, and prove to yourself that you can do it.

Below is an episode of Tionna dishing some hot tea and advice about “corny guys”.

Mouth Full of Fur


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  1. Indulge says:

    Amazing! So much knowledge coming from someone so young. You definitely look like you’re standing on a solid foundation. Great blog!


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