Care Free Black Girl

Blue Ivy rocking her coiled crown

What exactly does it mean to be a care free, black girl according to today’s standards? Realistically speaking, being care free is to have a relaxed and nonchalant attitude. Looking at the ladies of this generation, I see that we have broken free from some of the hereditary fears and pains from our elders.

To some of our mothers and their mothers, straight and long hair was considered beauty. Being thin and lean was considered ideal. Having a small nose indicated that you were mixed. These days, we are reclaiming what defines beauty and becoming happier in our own skin. How so?

Not only have natural hair taken over the hair industry, but it has brought creamy crack sales down by 26% in the last two years. Not only have we embraced our curves, but we are gracing magazine covers in fullness and pride. Beyonce has recently graced the world the only way she can, with a self love single called “Formation”. The song embraces everything from her daughter’s natural fro, to her own full features like her nose. In the video itself, she is seen slinging her braids back and forth from a car, care free and happy as ever.

MY 2 CENTS: Being care free has nothing to do with lacking self control or knowledge of self, it means you’re in full control of your happiness. Being care free means you no longer need society’s definition of ‘beautiful’ to feel good about yourself. As someone that has been natural for the past two years, I’ve realized that you can be beautiful with every kink and coil you’ve been given.





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